Innovation works rumbled Wang Hua: lee behind the paranoia

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the impression since lee ill seclusion, innovation works is the co-founder of each quarter out time, and then immediately disappear. Make jianghu school “elder brother has come, all the legend behind”.

actually think of it, thanks to the innovation works there is a “legend”, to make innovation works after the “missing” lee no stagnation. Due to the usual community relations and innovation works, often heard a lot about Wang Hua trivia, here are grilled steak a new great spirit.

is a famous door

in venture investment bond character database, the description of Wang Hua is: “graduated from Stanford university and an MBA. 2006-2009 at the end of the year, Wang Hua worked at Google headquarters of China business development, to create a Google China’s high-quality advertising network, and start from scratch to reach the annual operation generates $80 million. In Google China three years, he is also responsible for investment management, a strategic cooperation with China local Internet partners, such as comments on the net, market network, tianya, thunderbolt and maxthon, etc. Prior to joining Google, Wang Hua co-founded silver technology co., LTD., for mobile and telecom operators as well as communication equipment, to undertake solution services, namely scale up to hundreds of people every year, the annual turnover of $15 million at the end of 2008.”

Stanford is what? That is a sacred place of the Internet around the world – the birth of yahoo and Google. Know the Internet community in China, from the Stanford people what are the cows? Just said a few is enough to shock you – air net Yang Ning, Zhou Yunfan, renren Joseph Chen, yeepay pay reinert, gather beauty is superior ms Chen, youku koo, guo lanting collection of potential disease.

Wang Hua department at Stanford, in his early 20 s entrepreneurial success, in international giants such as Google as a key, can let a person remember cologne novel xiao li fly knife in the sentimental swordsman heartless sword master li origin – a prominent seven jinshi, father and son 3 number three.

in innovation works, lee and Wang Hua role relationship, the former is equivalent to the chairman of the board of directors, is the helmsman on top of things, the latter is more like a general manager, is the main business operations, determines the innovation works in investment ideas and direction.

as IT otaku, Wang Hua investment horizon of the diabolical widespread in circle, just is seldom known to outsiders, because he was too busy usually, weibo, not hair zhihu.

don’t sleep god + paranoia

IT is perhaps no attention, let Wang Hua such standards of “otaku” IT will focus on energy and product research and development of industry. Wang Hua the talent show has been in the field of venture capital industry, unknown is the genius behind the extreme hard work.

with the media appearance brilliant contrast, life Wang Hua is considered to be a scruffy “rough”. Hair cut two times a year, the great god, because don’t have time for a haircut. If there was a time when suddenly feel Wang Hua become agile workshop, not because he is wearing a suit, must be just a haircut.

the most let a person is not law, Wang Hua is a man who will not “active” sleep. He is said to have the innovation works is not normal work and rest time, every time in the work so tired, tired to sleep, and fell asleep hands must be holding a mobile phone or tablet. Don’t sleep is god!

to be honest, sleeping or not sleeping less, to watch the World Cup is a kind of NB, but if used in the work, is maddening. That year, lee began to send you to work at five o ‘clock every morning mail, already make works many people nervous breakdown. So, by the way, actually Wang Hua still need to take care of yourself body.

founded in innovation works the first time, let Wang Hua on time to attend the meeting is a matter of “it devilishly hard to”, not to, but because he was too busy, “every day is not in the meeting, is on the way for meeting”. With wang Warsaw pact that would be a very extravagant thing. About, but once it is a very happy thing, because Wang Hua very willing to share, after the break the ice would chatter, a big wave will dry coming toward you.

to understand user demand for products, Wang Hua of innovation works all product installation experience. In 2011, when the mobile Internet games haven’t so hot now, in order to verify whether the mobile Internet terminal have heavy pricing game’s growth space, Wang Hua spent at least 50000 yuan investment in a the most popular web games to make money.

“the deepest impression is that the entire 11 National Day long vacation, Wang Hua never leave home, all in playing the game. “Innovation works Gao Xiaohu introduction, product manager Wang Hua also personally ran to the game in the BBS, reading all the posts related to this game. Soon, Wang Hua the eldest brother, he district into the game, there is a group of younger brother went out to meet. Later, Wang Hua gave his game, to the one of the younger brother, then Wang Hua the experience to innovation works investment mobile Internet game provides valuable practice basis.

like jobs, the winners of the Internet is considered a paranoid, Wang Hua also failed to “vulgar”. Wang Hua “little quirks” for Internet practitioners may have some incredible, he never back to email, basic it is sink to his email, but he will be back to WeChat.

seen in this way, ma certainly better than ding Wang Hua “aura”.

finally out of the ark

in September 2013, lee announced cancer treatment. Sigh with emotion: by the way, Mr. Lee is a master of management, innovation works in the past 4 years built a very NB talent structure and system, the system guarantee even he temporarily leave the company a stage treatment, innovation works can still make it past a lot of wind and waves.

has been hidden behind lee Wang Hua finally had the chance to “come out”. And Wang Hua does not disappoint, in the development of China’s mobile Internet market in acceleration peak, innovation works by the investment projects this year, last year accounted for half of the 120 projects at present.

Wang Hua joined innovation works in 2009 when only 32 years old, now only 37, appearance is actually quite handsome. Unfortunately the female people used to say: good man will always be someone else’s husband “.

however, such as Wang Hua is not how the sleeping man, actually marry a wife is pure waste of resources. Don’t go to bed for a few more items, with innovation works lead venture capital industry, must be much more meaningful.

or leave the river’s lake more women legend!!!!