Input method is easy to die, simple do see SwiftKey business of “skin.”

if the three-stage rocket is a seemingly good, but it is among the road, so from an input method of startup, there is no other method can separate themselves?

SwiftKey, android?? Oid much-loved input method, become today is not only a limited-time offers full free applications. Become free just an update of the app, not only that, but it is still in SwiftKey store launch new features, that is the user is free to buy their favorite topic, with different color and appearance design their own exclusive keyboard. The company said the new subject for user requirements to improve all the time.

store will launch a total of 48 subjects, 33 of them are new, 15 is free in the past. All the topics, including SwiftKey provides three free. And its price is divided into a 1.00 beauty a theme, $4.99 can buy theme including 10 theme package. And as a feedback has been paid before the user will get a $4.99 the theme of the meal.

on the subject, and autumn style restoring ancient ways of Miami are founded by SwiftKey design team. The company hopes to launch them as soon as possible, and to open the cooperation with partners, to create a new theme, imagine your favorite NFL team’s exclusive themes appear in your cell phone is so attractive.

SwiftKey chief marketing officer also imagine to other types of content into the store, such as when you slide your finger between key and key in the sliding can show a different voice with a different visual effect.

at the same time it also updated in more than 800 expression map into the keyboard. The application and even provide emoticon prediction. That is to say, when you input the text without switching keyboard can choose their favorite expression.

other enhancements and improvements include a dedicated digital key lines of options, the more accurate traffic signs, smart case and more language support.

as to whether the SwiftKey will use a new business model to be a partner with apple iOS keyboard, is uncertain. But it is to believe that the company is continuous improvement and innovation, self-help to provide users with more intimate powerful service, please hold your breath waiting!

Via: Recode