Insider: beautiful said has acquired day network and upon shef shake

And is committed to provide quality consumer experience online OUTLETS platform.

upon shef shake is a personalized restaurant recommended software. To help solve the problem of “what to eat, where to eat”. Upon shef shake said is China’s first personalized restaurant recommendation engine.

the personage inside course of study in and hunting cloud network communication, said the beautiful day buy goods net and upon shef shake is to expand the category and the service. Beautiful said that has been set up more open platform, day network is now in a closed state, said the beautiful day buy goods net to incorporate into the team, hope to be able to enhance its service capacity in the clothing beauty makeup. And beautiful said acquisitions upon shef shake, can be regarded as a beautiful said offline O2O launched a layout.

at present, the beautiful said officials did not release purchase information, but beautiful said insiders have confirmed to hunt cloud network is true, but it is not is not clear that the purchase amount.