Insider: the father of the android rubin too stubborn, Google CEO forced him to hand them over the relieving

android has become a miracle of Google, a company that specialize in Internet search, with android became the king of the mobile Internet. Android also let billions of people around the world, entered its purchasing power can withstand the era of mobile devices.

within Google, android’s number one, must belong to the “father” of the android rubin. On March 4, 2013, however, just as the android heyday, Google suddenly announced that rubin will resign from the post of head of the android, and research and development of the robot, in charge of Chrome and jump on Indian executives skin just (SundarPichai) in Iraq, and over the android business.

the rubin why suddenly left the android team, behind what’s inside? Businessweek magazine, which a recent depth report, dig out some details of the unknown.

and silicon valley previously rumored, rubin person, talented, but personal style, but not too comfortable to the outside world.

around android, there is the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers as partners. According to internal Google executives, in the hope of getting Google special treatment manufacturer, rubin is by hook or by crook, work very hard.

in Google company, rubin is responsible for the android business team, self-contained, seldom contact with Google other employee communication. Many Google employees, points out that they are working with apple, android than their team work more enjoyable.


android business vice President, said the android business within Google have such impression that may be related to the pace of development, the android team staff, need to focus, need to avoid the interference of anyone.

whether Google products within the project team, or android application developers around the world, all want to be able to from rubin, get some special treatment. Rubin, a bowl of water, the Google team and outside developers alike.

a Google employee, said himself in Google have witnessed the most intense high-level wars, and the reason is that the rubin would not Google’s internal team to cooperate.

is known to all, Google is one of the most famous browser Chrome, but within the android, built-in browser is not Chrome, android team developed a product.

in 2012, just in the charge of the Chrome team, developed an android version, can replace the rubin built-in browser team development. This is a great opportunity to a Google internal cooperation.

however, Google the relationship between the internal team is so bad that the android team and Chrome, have to need to sign a similar agreement text, indicate the responsibilities and obligations of both sides, and such a formal contract, generally only signed between different companies.

in 2013, in the smartphone market, android triumphantly, but in some newer market, android pace appeared behind. At that time, apple the monopoly of the market, Google stumbled on the tablet, in addition to television set-top box development of android software “GoogleTV” project, also failed.

at the beginning of 2013, as Google CEO page told rubin, he must be android and other Google products.

according to the report, to the requirement of page, rubin verbally agreed, but then changed his mind, refuse and integrate other business requirements.

in the face of rubin not cooperative, page under the pain killer, rubin is no longer responsible for android business. , said one person close to Google management team three years ago, to succeed Mr Schmidt as page Google CEO, and forced the rubin to resign from the post of head of the android, is the most difficult decisions made by page.

in the end, rubin resigned from his post as head of the android, but he is willing to remain in Google, engaged in research and development of the robot.

before the development of the android system, rubin has had a strong interest in robots, a sign of android, is a small green robot.

after rubin’s resignation, the page will be in charge of the relieving of android system, to be responsible for the Chrome leather in Iraq. The skin just Iraq within Google, popularity is admirable, even is known as a “diplomats”.

a and skin just eight years work with Google executives told the media that he would be willing to bet that Google inside no one don’t like the skin just, no one thinks he’s funny.

as android business before and after the two head, the outside world for skin just rubin and be interested in a relationship. Skin just, who told reporters: “we don’t have any private things, our relationship is not very well, but has never been a huge differences.”

skin just yi also said that, in the ways of thinking and acting, he and Mr Rubin, “Andy (i.e., rubin) plan, strategy, but always in his brain.” The implication, rubin and communication around too little.

now android commander said that the skin of the Iraq in the next step in the android development, he won’t consulting rubin.

skin just took office, between android and other businesses Google “ren du two pulse” opened, integration and cooperation is becoming more and more on different android devices just, promoted the information service of intelligent push GoogleNow.

in addition, the android team had been put forward a plan to develop special version of the android for touch notebook. This project soon is just the “shot”, because it would conflict and he is responsible for this project. (dawn)

source: tencent technology