Intel, qualcomm, nvidia is “struggle” to squeeze into car chip market

modern launched 2015 hyundai Genesis, extensive use of the semiconductor technology to deal with automatic braking, blind spot monitoring, etc. Other chips in the induction to the master when filled with something in his hand, automatically open the trunk, or “sniff” carbon dioxide to determine whether the car need more fresh air.

although Genesis shows the chip using the forefront of the auto industry, tens of thousands of car is only a small part of a semiconductor provided by the system. And qualcomm and nvidia didn’t even account for a little bit. The main reason is the safety and reliability of the auto industry standards and is extremely high, it requires much more than a computer and mobile phone chip. As a result, most of the electronic components by freescale semiconductor co., LTD. (FSL), renesas electronics companies, such as stmicroelectronics provides long-term suppliers.

“we don’t have chance to beta test products, they must be used for us right from the start.” Hyundai motor America vice President of product planning Mike O ‘brien said. He explains the company on car chip select cautious attitude. “We can’t say, ‘oh, we made a mistake. ‘”

The safety standards of

when Intel, qualcomm and nvidia control over – computers and cell phones and trying to break a potentially lucrative market, the hyundai Genesis for their interpretation of the obstacles to this path. More and more cars are equipped with sophisticated computer and communications systems, driverless cars is becoming more and more close to reality.

according to ihs corp. estimates that car chip market to rise 6.1% to $27.9 billion this year. In the industry, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) chip sales will be growing at 13% a year on average in 2020, becoming the fastest growing areas.

even if Google system such as diffusion, and software developers launched connected entertainment and image system plan, the carmaker has been reluctant to turn to for unconfirmed chip suppliers, because their products to meet strict safety requirements. If you have a computer crash, the user will lose data. If a car crash, people will be hurt.

on-board chips to withstand low temperature to minus 40 degrees Celsius, as high as 160 degrees Celsius (that is, to 40 to 320 degrees Fahrenheit). According to PWC, according to a study of accounting firm supply carmakers on-board chips to quality for 30 years, and with zero failure rate. Consumer device chip, by contrast, only good for about a year, the failure rate as long as within 10%.

an analyst at ihs Luca De Ambroggi said: “learning experience in automotive industry, Rome was not built in a day, still very strict in the field.”

path, sprinting

the auto industry of army is promoting its own advantage – through the processing of system performance, nvidia graphics processing ability and qualcomm wireless communication technology, seeking to grasp the opportunity of in-car entertainment and driving assistance function. Hyundai said O ‘brien, as consumers want their car like smartphones, tablets and laptop is outstanding, there is market demand, but at the same time of introducing new technology to ensure driving safety and avoid driving distractions, still need time. Due to the introduction of new technology is very complex, and the price is very high, O ‘brien think need cooperation from suppliers to be successful.

onboard supercomputer

for Intel, qualcomm and nvidia, this is good news. Both said they had launched the on-board chips in the market, or can meet the requirements of automobile industry the most stringent soon.

nvidia announced it processor can partition – now part of the chip to complete any work, another part of the process information and entertainment content, this way is more safe. Nvidia automobile marketing director Danny Shapiro said, “we are seeing the car industry emerged many new technology, every car will eventually have a supercomputer.” Fast image capture and processing ability makes the on-board computer to recognize the situation around, and remind the driver of potential danger. Shapiro said that require a lot of parallel processing, and this is Nvidia cook chips.

Wireless connectivity

at the same time, qualcomm, senior vice President of Kanwalinder Singh believed that more and more processing will be completed by the data center, it requires high speed, reliable wireless communication technology. Today, qualcomm has received add wireless modem in automobile manufacture most of the orders, and in 2017 to 60% of the world’s car is expected to have wireless Internet access.

Singh said, “all this will spread to the cloud, otherwise you’ll have to put a large amount of data into the car.”

now, audi and other car manufacturers are using qualcomm and nvidia chips to connect to the Internet and perception around. Audi’s top models with more than 6000 chip. Graphics chip maker in March this year the annual meeting, equipped with nvidia driver audi A7 smoothly arrived in front of the processor, when it was found that the driver emptied, stunned.

product cycle

in the above three companies, currently only nvidia bring enough business from automobile market in revenue. Intel announced a BMW (BMW), modern and infiniti luxury brand (nissan) as a customer, and in the last month issued a cooperation with the ford motor company to explore “connected cars” plan new application research. But to the auto industry for their more than $50 billion in annual revenue impressive, is still a long long way to go. According to the research of VDC provides, nvidia automotive earnings of $2013 in 51 million, surged 65% over 2012.

“make no mistake about it, my goal is to push the trend, not just want to make the German luxury car that simple.” Solution system auto vice President, said “we are going to enter primary models of market.”

new feature

system is in order to get more orders, provide complete systems to carmakers – built-in software and computer chips, it is said that this will reduce time and cost. Executives also said that through eye tracking technology to monitor the new functions of the driver’s attention needs faster processing performance.

for qualcomm, although to provide tens of millions of Internet car modems can significantly improve performance, but also can not give the company brings considerable income. Qualcomm is currently developing a chipset, can provide access to the Internet for cars and other functions. Singh said that this product is expected to become the source to increase the revenue of qualcomm. He also said, “it depends on all cars are connected to the Internet, we are advancing step by step. Because we know that wants to achieve something in the emerging car chip industry, need a lot of effort.”