Intel released its history the most energy-efficient chips, to bet on “notebook tablet” devices

of the decline of the world’s most don’t want to see the PC makers, than Intel. In order to not thrown into the unknown corner together as PC, Intel recently spied “notebook – tablet” seal equipment. Can’t look in the chip giant, PC, notebook and there’s tablet on a mix, maybe will receive unexpected results.

in recently computex, Intel openly announced his turnaround plan in the field of mobile intelligent devices. There are three noteworthy:

, Intel, officials said this year will have 130 kinds tablet using Intel chips;

released, Intel claims to be in its history the most energy-efficient chips – core M series chips;

, Intel unveiled a “flat – notebook” kandy advisory products, in order to better production guidance of many OEM mobile intelligent device based on Intel chips.

the Core M the same architecture based on Core i3/5/7, but than they have lower power consumption. Intel CEO Renee James says: “the Core Intel M series products will be the lowest energy consumption of the chip.”

although low energy consumption, but in performance is not discounted. Intel’s latest show reference prototype Llama Mountain with the Core M chip. The Core M is created specifically for tablets and super wave laptop chips, it will bring many oems more to choose from.

Llama Mountain is a tablet – laptop in one product. Through the display screen and keyboard disassembly combination, can play the role of touch tablet and laptop respectively. It is reported, the 12.5 -inch screen, 7.2 mm thick, it weighs less than the MacBook Air.

apparently, Intel adopted a similar strategy and Microsoft. When the PC industry decline, former Allies want to mix the way of new products, to achieve success. Notebook and tablet to fusion, isn’t it a good idea? This is a topic that opinion. Whether this product can be successful, a Intel to see to what extent, make tablet and laptop for fusion; Also look at the other is more important, the user whether they could accept this product.