Intel showed Skylake platform, make completely “wireless computer”

recently, Intel announced based on the reference design Skylake platform architecture, designed to promote comprehensive wireless PC products. Skylake will be officially launched in the second half of 2015, the corresponding design or the land market in 2016.

people have been looking forward to the realization of the PC wireless, wireless means don’t have to carry the power cord around, don’t have to struggle with around with cable, also means that more convenient and quick. But due to the needs of the various external devices and power is indispensable, PC wireless have long also is just a beautiful blueprint. In recent years the rapid development of wireless charging, a wireless connection technology also let PC manufacturers have built the foundation of a dream.

in the Computex Taipei international computer, Intel vice President and general manager of the PC client team Kirk Skaugen shows the wireless display of new products, wireless peripherals, wireless charging, and other functions. It can be said that these features of wireless, let us see the future PC completely give up the possibility of power and data cables.

Wireless peripherals

wireless peripherals standard of technology adoption is WiGig high-speed transmission, transmission speed up to 7 GBPS. The technology is mainly used for close range to wireless external equipment can quickly when screen, external equipment near the connection is established, and also can automatically cut off the connection when the equipment to take away.

wireless charging

Skaugen said, Wireless charging technology is based on A4WP (Alliance for Wireless Power) charging standard Rezence nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology. (Intel itself also is one of the members of A4WP. Other members, including dell, Fujitsu, lenovo, logitech, and panasonic.)

Rezence can be installed on the desktop, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) can through 2 feet thick board for an arbitrary number of equipment at the same time in charge. Skaugen scene shows to laptops, mobile phones, headsets, and at the same time charging tablet usage scenarios. Visible Rezence than previous electromagnetic induction charging has more advantages.

Skaugen also mentions the asus, logitech, Toshiba and other partners, also including the production of cell phone sets will be based on relevant technology, such as car console collaborators.

in the field of wireless charging, competitors, intensity is not small. But in the recent three standard wireless charging A4WP and PMA (Power Matters Alliance) signed a cooperation agreement, announced the compatibility, can want to see the good development prospect of the future wireless charging.

Via: CNet