Intellectual property rights and the Internet, known as blended for lenovo star millions investments

online intellectual property law electricity enterprise – blended to hunt cloud network today to make sure: I received a star of lenovo early millions of dollars of investment, known as blended to carry the intellectual property services to line up to do, now they mainly to provide users with a free industrial chain of trademark registration and subsequent intellectual property services.

know blended network founded by a group of legal service in the industry, the founder of si-si liu has nearly 10 years of experience in intellectual property legal services, currently the industry’s criticism is that traditional legal services, widespread due to information asymmetry, the market price on the high side phenomenon, and in the service consciousness and the ability of traditional enterprises is still marking time, what is more, or telephone marketing that path.

but in the Internet age, this model will be eliminated. Know blended now do is to break the information asymmetry, the information transparency, depending on the industry expertise to serve customers, make legal service to return to nature. Allows businesses to pay for the service is a long-term solution.

blended, and an example of the Internet to transform traditional industries, but in the traditional industry, all things are not worth, some are true, some of them are false. Polish eyes, to find true proposition. Often outsiders to see clearly, but first you have to have two brushes of insiders.