Intelligent mobile SIM “artifact”, keep the cell phone away from the “card” era

a few days ago, Japan’s largest telecoms operator NTT Docomo introduced a smart portable SIM equipment. The product wirelessly, keep the cell phone without “card” also can realize voice calls, web browsing, etc.

in Asian mobile communication fair in a few days ago in Shanghai, NTT Docomo shows the currency credit card not much equipment. This product use of wireless technologies such as bluetooth, NFC, SIM as a certified equipment, can provide other smartphones and tablet with communication and data network services.

at the scene of the demonstration, we find that a smartphone can be used at the same time from two intelligent SIM “signal” of the equipment. It’s a bit similar to double open double function.

not only that, this product is a mobile intelligent device. It can also serve as a “key” memory, help users log on to amazon, such as Google account automatically. In the safety considerations, of course, in the absence of bluetooth connection with the device, SIM authentication or shut down automatically.

at present, NTT Docomo has applied for a patent for the technology. But analysts note that want to the whole industry to support the SIM card specifications seems quite difficult.