Internet end face time, valuable company start a new life

sometimes think about it, the world is really wonderful. Application of a group of “dating dating banner, brush on the tall advertising on traditional media, and then secretly making money pit hormone induced long users. As the century better edge, such as the baihe, more work such as pit prick silk is predestined friends the net.

good product not raise head, bad products by worship advertising teach absorb “consumption only once” user. Don’t last, China’s business nature is to get a ticket to go.

since to face, then play hard. Boils down to a phase, from SP to 58 times listed. This one phase, dozen face era called the Internet.

from the SP and SP before this can be a virtuous cycle of business model, you can take it as a charge information experience. But speaking of the era, the original sin can escape. Bundle, malicious click, induction is used. Any means to entice users to use for them, you could say this is the operator’s fault, they neglected, allowing this cancer. But looking back on it, SP participants: operators, SP company, agent, shanzhai makers, they force propping up the lie. They bowl full body full, and many users. Money isn’t clean, doesn’t matter, anyway, go get a ticket, not thinking of built to last.

to the SP poison, SP for what in the past, not because of operator check list, but because of the development of information technology, it is destined to become relics. China is a country with success or failure of heroes, he don’t look at you standing on what, he just see how tall are you standing. So, by hook or by crook, savage growth, from negative to do note for successful liberation rhetoric, like don’t do this, it is difficult to success, it is difficult to have success after fame. So the SP is gone, but the poison. Get a ticket, and deeply entrenched. If you are the one to bring fire to dating site. Lily, jiayuan, site, saving a female member votes to set a variety of levels, to buy tickets, dating costs and call an offline dating agency is different. Damned is clothed in the Internet. May I say malicious, buries the value of the dating sites exist. But it seems that money is the first priority, and did not finish date. Put the cart before the horse, so you pit.

than mutually close, more miserable life service class web site. 58 who is paying, small and medium-sized businesses, all kinds of mediation, the size of pit dad, get a ticket to go the merchant. These are 58 paying customers, so he can bring more service is the pit dad merchant services. So a user in the above will be: rent intermediary pit, looking for is not the mediation is intermediary pit, buying and selling second-hand goods are pit, recruitment by mediation mediation pit, part-time by shell companies, dating is wine and other pit pit. So far, 58 service class information provider, is not life more life information service class shows the mediation, looking back, you said 58 has the ability to delete these junk, or delete information is reported? Can, can, but it is broken, his fortunes like baidu search rankings have false medical advertisement. This is their customer, big source of profits. Let them cut deformity of food and clothing parents do wrong, forget it, let’s wake up.

so, also can put the habit due to big business, big environment. But who wouldn’t find reason, grab a handful. Such as business environment changes, it is better to change yourself to do, hope they practice and purpose can really as beautiful and their message.

a heart also found, why put the SP to 58 listed down to face age, and follow-up companies don’t play face. Yes, really is not dozen face. Don’t angry, slowly to see. Fire up over the years the brand has several familiar, did you first take a look at these companies, millet, meizu, devoted to stranger, jingdong, beauty, UC, 1024. Seems no comes with original sin when they arose, business model and less deformity. Millet, meizu user, create a fan of the economy. Momo started dating with strangers, but did not set the level of the pit dad, by charging expression, is more a game to make money. Jingdong started with 3 c and now holding the milk tea, also didn’t go to choose users, the pit Meituan provide users with low-cost group-buying, UC do mobile browser word of mouth is enough. As for 1024, a good BBS environment and various experience is not much said. Service to users, and can also do big, really do, value is no better than deformity business model of Internet market value.

so, from the age of SP to 58 listed after the Internet play face era is over. Emerging Internet company is more of a good business model, and to grow. A new lease of life can be seen as the Internet. But there is no denying the fact that in the opposite corners of the Internet, ventured there are always those speculators are ready to get a ticket. But times have changed, these small footnote mindset is not the light, is also doomed to long.