Internet queen Mary meeker: don’t worry, industry bubble is small!

Marie mikel (Mary Meeker) has sent the Internet workers and investors, an reassurance. The queen of the Internet claim: “the current so-called industry bubble far less than the dot-com bubble in 2000. We believe that now the industry is still contain the unlimited opportunities.”

John mikel obi before release its Internet trend of the annual report, particularly with three ICONS shows their research conclusions about industry bubble.

mikel believes that although nearly a period of time, within the industry mergers and acquisitions, listing, investment and financing, but it is far less than in 2000.

according to the data show that in 2013, 73% lower than in 1999, the number of IPO companies venture capital turnover is lower than the peak level of 2000 by 77%. In addition, John obi mikel also pointed out that the current standard & poor’s 500 companies accounted for 19% of science and technology, and the figure is 35% in 2000.

in view of this, John mikel obi concluded: “for now, tech bubble size is still far behind. We still think this field contains the huge opportunity!”