Interview geek college founder JinYan: online education play is reversed

today to introduce the entrepreneurial teams, a deep for many years in the field of application development. The number of registered users their eoe mobile developer community reached a staggering 2 million. Today, the team into the field of online education, institute of introduced a geek. They are trying to pass the products, provide users with system tutorial, let users more systematic learning the latest technology, practical experience.

in fixed point JinYan the founder of the institute of science and technology of the geek interview, the former introduction to Android development books written the first big handsome boy, constantly stressed to the reporter online education personalization, and importance to offline education subversion. In this article, I will he mentioned do geeks college three philosophical views to comb, hope can do more clearly explain the logic of online education.

“production tools is a representative of the productive forces” : course crowdsourcing large + data + personalized

with the rapid development of intelligent devices, human 24 hours of close contact with the smart devices or will no longer far away, even some people have it. In the past, the traditional means of production is likely to be teachers, chalk, classrooms, and in the PC Online now, means of production into the Internet. “In the past, we have to pass the exam actively collect user to master knowledge, but the Internet is able to handle large data of natural, precise do one-on-one, through analysis, efficient, provide personalized learning plan.” JinYan explained in fixed point technology, it is because the education system of philosophy has changed, make high quality, cost-effective products online education bud and better service for the user.

geek college in addition to more than 10 full-time teachers, with hundreds of teachers, according to the teaching standards, the internal current will be launched at least 1 course, every day in the future will be more. Whole class, geek institute online is recorded by the early stage of the teachers, students to learn on demand. “Our video interaction is not complicated. Are not in the form of live, is we take into account the students’ ability of understanding of the knowledge are different.” Jin rock that live is strangling the individuation, because of the traditional education idea in it.

simple interaction, does not mean that the background design is simple. When the user when studying a course, even a lesson for the length of time, will be as big data collected, this more personalized provide students with the class arrangement, faster to help students to master what they have learned.

geek college

“the pursuit of a better way to solve the problem of the existing” : traditional education will die, the birth of virtual university

JinYan believes that the reason why many people think common sense must be right, the reason is the lack of reflection. “Such as university undergraduate course education, appears to be fair, in fact, it does not teach us how to adapt to this cruel society, but with a relatively fair way we live.” How to solve this contradiction, it is a geek college have been thinking of problem. The birth of the “future” virtual professional university, graduated students will achieve learning for 3 months or vision, and compared with the ordinary undergraduate education needs to four years. “This is the online education in history, for the first time be personal.” JinYan said to the fixed point of science and technology.

3 months, can learn knowledge systematically? The underlying theory whether heavy not important? Must be at the start of course, is learning? “Our knowledge will be listed as point, find out the relationship to depend on each other, form a knowledge map. Can be made a complete knowledge map, by means of education in the complete allows users to personalized learning subsets.” Geek college will course hours, according to different students has reorganized, of knowledge has been integrated into the systematic course, rather than at the start of course introduce blunt system knowledge.

“from a line into the offline” : complete closed loop O2O

when it comes to the relationship between online education and traditional education, JinYan believes that the former will overturn the latter. “I know about online education too. I own programming learning all completed online, offline is always painful.” Now, however, he also explained, the line into the offline into practice, it is too early.

in the past, offline shops to drainage, online advertising, in order to achieve better profits. But under the imposing manner of electrical contractor menacing, customers through offline experiences, online order has become a popular trend. “Future offline education is also likely to shop online education platform experience.” JinYan said to the fixed point of science and technology.


JinYan special emphasis, at present the geek institute has completed 2.5% of the total target, at the end of the new version online will be 10% complete. This year’s goal is to make China’s Lynda +, we will continue to do a teaching content itself at the same time, combining students’ career planning. At present, the geek also looking to understand education investment institutions, school of the future promote the change in China’s IT vocational education online.

source: fixed point technology