Inventory: in those years do die by Microsoft Internet products

dragon boat three days ago, Microsoft released on micro letter platform bot “ice”. Only to a few days, “a little ice is tencent official” to “simulated user operations, inducing the user group of garbage, bulk registration account” grounds. Although the product itself word of mouth is good, but inappropriate promotion is still fail. As PC giants, Microsoft has been on the Internet products go blundered, even it’s hard to name a few excellent Microsoft’s Internet products. Below, the hunting cloud network inventory Microsoft failed campaign in the Internet for you.

MSN Messenger, you not to advance is to go back

MSN Messenger has been needless to introduce, elderly netizens have made it before. MSN as one of the earliest few im software in 1997, tencent company doesn’t even exist. At an early age, MSN or even a symbol of Chinese Internet users a pretend bility. Between the 67 of the rapid development of Internet, however, be QQ MSN easily.

as long as the user used the two software, to be able to make a choice easily. Compared to continuously improve their own QQ function and interface, MSN seemed more than ten years like one day, there is no change, almost no improve the user experience. This inevitably leads to MSN’s market share has been falling. Users only 45 million in 2012, MSN, QQ reached 600 million. In a huge sum of money after the Skype, Microsoft a formal announcement in November 2012, Skype will replace MSN business.

Wallop, social network before the wave died on the beach

IT is not only MSN, Microsoft on the now almost all the popular concept of IT can be a pioneer. On Facebook, MySpace was born a few years ago, Microsoft has begun the research and development of social network. In November 2004, the Wallop of the birth of Microsoft research began small-scale test, in April 2006, Wallop by Microsoft spin-off, the establishment of the new company for $13 million two rounds of venture capital support, Microsoft’s stake, silicon valley entrepreneurs Karl Jacob as CEO.

Wallop from the start, firmly believe that “invited” is the correct way to its users. And, Wallop refused to advertising as a source of income. Site sold at $0.99 and $4.00 price, images, Flash animation, games, etc., users use them to build their personal web pages. Obviously, this and nowadays represented by Facebook social networking success model. The profit pattern of such has not proved to be feasible, users themselves needs much lower than the possibility of the profit level of the page.

in September 2008, still in the testing phase of Wallop ended her as social identity, website was shut down. At present, the Wallop is a famous social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo application development company.

and Zune Marketplace, follow still failed

in 2008, Microsoft to follow apple’s iPod music player and iTunes store, launched a Zune and Marketplace. This time, Microsoft also did one follower, want to learn a mature profit model. Poor is that Microsoft do pioneer, travellers are also failed. From a professional point of view, the Zune and later the Zune HD is great music player, but apple’s iPhone was born in 2007, will let the Zune empty tragic fate. Finally in 2011, Microsoft announced that it would abandon the Zune and concentrate on the development of Windows Phone.

Hotmail, so difficult to spend money to buy a hard disk?

in the front several strong men, Hotmail should be less failure – at least it is still in stable operation. However, as a founded in 1995, in 1997 incorporated into Microsoft’s old products, brought today can only be a failure.

Hotmail and MSN, is also an example of a failed without motivation. This can take mailbox capacity, for example. In 1995, the capacity of Hotmail is 1 MB, Microsoft acquisition has up to 2 MB. However, until April 2005, Gmail has capacity from 1 gb to 2 gb, Hotmail capacity up to 250 MB plan still unfulfilled. As for the 2 gb Microsoft until after the 2007 launch of Windows Live Hotmail to catch up with this value – is the big company Microsoft is so lack of money to buy a hard disk?

in May 2007, Microsoft decided to use Windows Live Mail instead of Hotmail. But the former is fully tested for two years. Unfortunately, many users believe that the new interface is very bad, more in the name of the interface and the old Hotmail. Even as Windows Live Mail also has a lot of bright spots, but at the moment of Hotmail has become a binding MSN account, most users have turned to Gmail

6 & amp; IE7, narrowly and dissipate

as PC giants, along with the Microsoft operating system bundling IE browser, of course, become a leader. But by “for sale” this model can make a product loss initiative, especially after defeated the netscape. In IE6 status has not yet been shake, people demand for web browser has changed: online sharing and play video, online dating, e-commerce, and online interactive growing phenomenon. In Microsoft is given priority to with IE6 and IE7 browser from 2001 to 2008, Microsoft Internet explorer’s market share has been falling sharply from 90% more than 20 percentage points. In April 2009, IE browser market share dropped to 66.1% from 66.82% in March, a record low, and the Firefox browser market share to 22.48%. Soon, Google Chrome and boom, a grabbed the IE the following.

Microsoft realized that the challenge of Firefox quickly after the death sentence for IE6 – but IE7 Microsoft had repeatedly failed to solve the compatibility and open questions. Until IE8, Microsoft has a rout.

who will be next?

although every successful company can pull out a bunch of die products, but I’m afraid Microsoft – these are just above the Internet in particular, not yet on other hardware and software. From Microsoft in the dark history of the Internet, traditional unreliable probably will continue. Small ice is dead, who will be next?