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over the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled the investment and financing of information every week, take you through a recent Internet investment circles.

the domestic company

1. net $18 million sale of its qin guosen informed 3.4%

guosen informed ( was founded in 2005, is a mobile service provider, through the cooperation with operators and smartphone platform provider, to provide mobile device management services to Chinese enterprises and mobile SaaS services, network qin’s wholly owned subsidiary. Qin announced that already the embellish qilian venture with Beijing center to reach an agreement, will be sold at a price of $18 million 3.4% guosen well informed.

2. alibaba group wholly-owned acquisitions of UC

UC ( was founded in 2004, is a mobile Internet company, owns the UC browser, nine swim, UC cloud, etc. Alibaba group and UC today announced that UC gifted as wholly into the alibaba group, and to form a ali UC mobile business group, UC gifted as chairman and CEO YuYong blessing served as President of UC mobile business group, into the highest decision-making team – ali ali group group strategy committee. This integration will most in alibaba stock, cooperate with some cash. UC, alibaba has a strategic investment, shares held 66% of UC.


cheetah mobile $30 million acquisition of network marketing company “product the interaction”

product the interaction ( was founded in 2006, is a network marketing service, provide the SEM search marketing, Media advertising integration plan, etc., was an early Facebook ads authorized distributors, and Google in one of the top distributors in the greater China region, is also a mobile advertising company, Millennium Media, AirPush, like the preferred partner. Cheetah move, said today’s announcement will invest $30 million for the interaction. Product the interactive CPT capital had millions of dollars A round of investment, aegis group 2.4 million pounds (24 million yuan) B round of investment.

4, thunder network 10 million yuan to buy the hardware vendor Wangxin Technologies

according to the New York Brightwire News reports, the thunder network has 10 million yuan ($1.6 million) to buy a hardware vendor Wangxin Technologies, in order to enhance the thunderbolt hardware development capabilities. Thunderbolt is the router for open beta, is expected to launch before the end of June.

5 and buy snails mobile games handheld vendor “r”

high ( was founded in 2010, is A 3 g intelligent terminal development and sales enterprise, main product for the 3 g handheld, providing entertainment platform game, had earlier with the newsletter angel investment of 30 million yuan investment, bridging and skyworth group, shenzhen cool open network, such as tens of millions of yuan A round of investment. Snails move has announced acquisition of high, but did not disclose the amount.

the foreign company

1. P2P swap service TransferWise received $25 million B round

TransferWise ( was founded in 2010, is a foreign exchange platform to provide users with P2P mode, users can freely convertible currency with different currencies. The company has received $25 million B round of investment, by Richard Branson collar, Valar Ventures, IA Ventures, Index Ventures, Kima Ventures with, so that the company’s total funding to $32.4 million.

2. personal card platform. The About me $11 million B round


the About me ( was founded in 2010, is a personal card online create, share, AOL acquisition at the online after 4 days, then was in February 2013, founder of the buyback. The company has received $11 million B round of investment, the Foundry Group led, True Ventures, SoftTech VC, CrunchFund, Bullpen Capital and, after the About. Me has received A $5.7 million round of investment.

3. anonymous chat application Wut multi-million dollar seed investment

Wut ( has just launched in February 2014, is an anonymous chat social applications, blended in more fun elements, including the lock screen, burn after reading, etc., the company has won millions of dollars of seed investment, by the Foundation Capital, led, Google Ventures, SV Angel, Eniac Ventures, Lowercase Capital, missile Ventures with pitch.

4, home stay booking Homestay won $3 million in angel investment

Homestay ( was founded in 2007, is a home stay facility from Ireland booking service provider, is currently operates in 30 countries, with 70000 registered users, support the five languages. The company has received $3 million angels by Delta investment Partners.

5 and SpotHero parking space booking service received A $4.5 million round of investment

SpotHero ( was founded in 2011, is a focus on parking space search and booking service platform, through the website and mobile APP to help users to search and find a nearby parking lot, parking Spaces, and supports online booking directly. The company has received A $4.5 million round of investment, the Chicago Ventures, Bullpen Capital, ‘Ventures, OCA Ventures, Pritzker Group, Venture Capital, e.v entures, 500 Startups, such as joint investment, has received nearly $3 million in angel investment.

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