Investment and financing events every week, sports, education

over the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled the investment and financing of information every week, take you glance Internet investment circles.

the domestic company

1, Hotel, Hotel reservation application Quickly received A $4.5 million round of investment

Hotel Quickly ( was founded in 2012, is a company from Hong Kong Hotel reservation application, main tail price Hotel, delighted at a discount to help users high quality Hotel reservation at the last minute. The company has received A $4.5 million round of investment, GREE led by Japanese companies.

2, community sports information website “tiger flapping net” obtain 100 million yuan investment C round

tiger flapping net ( was founded in 2004, is a comprehensive sports information, community, O2O service, provide the sports marketing planning, event marketing and management, activity management, etc., in addition, e-commerce business has extended to offline events, games, transport, etc. The company has announced 100 million yuan C round of investment, led by JingLin assets. After the tiger haitong kaiyuan robot network in 2012 led the $40 million B round of investment, morningside millions of dollars of A round of investment in 2007.

3, the IT vocational education website “Michael net” obtain ten million yuan investment A round

Michael net ( was founded in 2012, is an online education platform, the main B2C high-end IT vocational education, the main courses include Android development, WindowsPhone8 development, such as iOS development course. The company has announced ten million yuan A round of investment, by its capital investment.

4, international hotel reservation services “good qiao net” millions of dollars on A wheel for IDG capital investment

good coincidence net ( was founded in 2013, is a focus on international hotel search and booking service website, for automated outbound tourists to provide more simple hotel reservation solution. IDG capital before the company millions of dollars to A round of investment, after good coincidence net had IDG capital from its inception, angel investment millions of yuan.

5, intellectual play interactive thick with capital of 15 million yuan A round of investment from the

wisdom play interactive ( was founded in 2014, is A smart healthy sex toy development companies, independent research and development of adult IMTOY brand health products, products are Piu, Candy, etc., the company has obtained thick hold A round of investment capital 15 million yuan.

the foreign company

1, the recruitment website Jobandtalent received A $14 million round of investment

Jobandtalent ( was founded in 2009, is a based on semantic parsing, the algorithm for the applicant and company position matching, push service company, by analyzing the recruitment requirements, resumes, provide docking services for applicants and employers. The company has received A $14 million round of investment, by Qualitas Equity Partners, Kibo Ventures, FJME Ventures, joint investment, etc.

2, India gained $41.5 million C wheel car rental Olacabs investment

Olacabs ( was founded in 2011, is a company from India, car rental service platform, through the site and the APP to provide car rental services, the company has received $41.5 million C round of investment, by Sequoia Capital, a collar, Matrix Partners, Tiger Global Management, etc. To vote, so that the company financing for more than 66.5 million dollars.

3, round tour bus booking platform Busbud received A $9 million investment

Busbud ( was founded in 2012, is a tour bus from Canada search, compare, and booking service platform, currently supports more than 10460 cities in 89 countries of the world’s tour bus booking service. The company has received A $9 million round of investment, by Omers Ventures, Revolution Ventures led.

4, retailers passenger flow data tracking service RetailNext won a $30 million investment

RetailNext ( was founded in 2007, is a for retailers, large stores provide data services company, main retailers passenger flow data analysis service, polymerization video monitoring data, wi-fi tracking data, retail terminal system, etc., for businesses to provide marketing or sales promotion services. The company has won a $30 million investment by Nokia Growth Partners, led, Qualcomm Qualcomm, Activant Capital, August Capital, StarVest Partners such as joint investment.

5, to understand how others look at your application GetYou won $1.1 million in angel investment

GetYou ( was founded in 2014, is a fun social applications, can let you understand a stranger, friends how to see yourself, use the “half an anonymous feedback mechanism to bridge people understanding of first impression.” The company has received $1.1 million angels by RDSeed and a number of angel investors joint investment. Data reference IT orange

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