Investors crazy bidding Uber, valuations rose to $17 billion in a week

, a taxi abroad application Uber in several investors, driven insane bidding behavior of investment, the company’s valuation has from 10 billion dollars two weeks ago, rose to $17 billion today.

just in the past week, Uber valuation by exposure of $12 billion. But only in less than a week, Uber valuations again surged to $17 billion.

although the news is generally accepted that Uber another round of financing of $500 million. But in the current valuation exploded trends, Uber this round of financing is likely to exceed 500 million dollars.

high valuations, even has some is thought to be rich capital during the investors. Sources said that only give a $14 billion valuation trans-atlantic capital group, has withdrawn from this round of bidding.

the report points out, Uber valuation is growing wild, no weakening trend.