Investors: why don’t get WiFi partners invest in

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

I can focus on a project before early WiFi partner, also had in-depth communication investment projects. But ultimately did not complete, because this project is a major problem. Time is too long, or no A round of funding, also prove my point of view is correct.

the business model of WiFi partner is selling operators with integral wall flow, earn price difference in the middle. It’s doomed he had a congenital defect – operators rely on. At the same time we studied his price system, also has carried on the related communication and operators, found the following problems. First of all, China telecom and China mobile has its own client, such as their kpis most is to promote their own client, sales flow through their client. WiFi partner and they do the same business, however, there is a competing goods relationship, they are extremely reluctant to “keep him”, so future strategy is not as open as WiFi partner speak more resources. Second, according to our research, WiFi partner flow rate of the unit price is far lower than the official price for operators, which means that many of them from taobao in the flow of unofficial channel resources, this part of resources is likely to be from the gift card products such as channel, does not have sustainability. Third, the business model for advertisers the value of the integral wall is more and more low, because this way cause users to download, not the user behavior, so the most downloaded app retention rate is very low, the corresponding price has gone from bad to worse.

business model questions didn’t get WiFi partner good answer, the following product experience is a bigger problem. We all know that WiFi partner is to help the user to connect CMCC or Chinanet this hotspot, we imagine the scene, the use of I in the absence of WiFi, want to connect the CMCC, but at this time you let me download and play a game or application, I can do it, where the flow that is the problem of the chicken or the egg came first, WiFi partner to solve. I tried in many city WiFi partner, almost no success. According to insiders revealed they are through the card pool to regulate the Internet time, when the online user at the same time high, can’t meet the demand of the Internet at the same time, it also caused a large number of poor user experience, retention rate is very low.

we fund investment of the criterion is data, but data as soon as there is a problem, then the investment don’t have to proceed to the next. Our data for WiFi partner has been in doubt. Most of his users from ios, and we know that domestic distribution for android smartphone users accounts for two-thirds, apple accounts for a third, and apple users are shrinking, but why WiFi partner on apple did so well, and in the android platform has been flat, lack of growth. According to insiders revealed WiFi partner recently of A wheel is in place, but suddenly A few days ago, because of irregularities, WiFi with be appstore forced off the shelves, because don’t know.

I’m a perfectionist. WiFi partner’s company name for xiamen slanting bad information technology co., LTD., a company called bad bad, also open the company when there is no consideration, no want to make a long-term plan, so once cast, the in the mind will be uncomfortable.
Above is my personal understanding, only for the mobile Internet insiders reference.