IOS eight pictures is no longer a “fool”, the user can be a lot of manual adjustment

according to the apple WWDC conference in 2014, had simply mention the manual recording in the iOS 8. Although the official described extremely brief, but it seems to mean, fully automatic machine control iOS original photos, would be more “active” users – allows the user to manually adjust a variety of factors affect the operation of the final image.

the report pointed out that the iOS manual picture adjustment in 8 include: iOS regulation, exposure adjustment, the shutter speed adjustment, focus adjustment, the white balance adjustment. In addition, the new system also allows the user to set manually preference pattern.

love photography friend all know, the regulation of the above factors, are all photos of personalized, professional essential. Although with the development of science and technology, mobile phones are becoming more popular, more simple, but still want to take a better photo to choose SLR cameras. One of the main reasons for this is that mobile phone camera too “fool”, blind deprived of some users of creativity.

it is important to note that sources, iOS 8 in shooting function will be used as API development to a third party developers, allowing them in their own applications call native camera system.

since the advent of smartphones, camera is decided to a important index of equipment. In recent years, for iPhone users provide a good experience. Nokia in this field, however, the company seems to be an advantage. No matter what, the future we will see more and more “professional” cell phone camera.