Iot standard open debate: Intel to samsung, against qualcomm, Microsoft camp

according to Reuters, samsung, Intel and dell group combining recently, intentions for various household devices (such as thermostat and bulb) between implement interconnected communication to establish a set of standards. Like qualcomm AllSeen coalition, under the support of the emerging open interconnected group to build the Internet of things, of course, under the big trend exchanges the cooperation mechanism between intelligent devices.

manufacturers are rolled out in a spate of more and more networking anti-theft alarm, TV networks and networking lighting switch. But like old video cassette recorder, and now these narcissistic often incompatible between intelligent household products. And this new group, including chip manufacturers Brodcom and Atmel, finally on Monday night conference officially proclaimed. (hunting cloud edit your eyes light: isn’t this the matchmaker of the late!)

Intel software and services department general manager Doug Fisher in an interview, this in the new group of inoculation was born under the framework will solve the security and some other AllSeen didn’t fix the problem thoroughly. And manufacturers use two set of incompatible standards to produce the situation of the intelligent household products will become insignificant. “We are not on a whim to establish such a mechanism, but the industry has car to piedmont, must open a new road. Of course we also welcome to join other companies, mutual opening up the new path of industrial development.”

last week, Microsoft, including sharp and other consumer electronics makers, 51 AllSeen alliance. Qualcomm, senior vice President Rob Chandhok has to the image of the two sets of rival standard mechanism compared to the last century in the early 90 s phase for the web service. And to the joint action, Chandhok very pleased to say: “more than apart, we would like to see a whole industry within the scope of sharing platform. I don’t want to finally see a patchwork of divisions in the network.”

technology bosses apple and Google are their careers to pursue their own household equipment operation mechanism of the Internet. Apple is to strictly control the other company’s products and their products is complacency is known for his character, but also released in June to integrate devices such as light bulbs and thermostat control working platform for the intelligent household HomeKit; Google’s platform for smart home Nest also joint, including the U.S. and bulb manufacturers LIFX whirlpool company, in order to realize their products and their integration between the thermostat and smoke detectors.