Ip Tools

Those who know me will know very well that mine is not the organization, not at least in the long term :-p

I finally found an application that groups me 15 network utilities, to monitor and manage.

I remember that I always had each one on one side, several port scanners, tracers, nukeers … I mostly used the ones that came with the Phanatic (what time those).

Now with Ip Tools you can have: Local Info, Connection Monitor, NetBIOS Scanner, Shared resources scanner, Hostname Scanner, Port Scanner, Ping Scanner, Trace, NS LookUp, Finger, WhoIs, Get Time, Telnet client, IP-Monitor, and Host Display.

Until now I used Languard, with Ip tools I will complement it.

Again lost ..

Next week starts again lost! by chapter 7 of the third season … the truth is that lately I’m hooking a lot to the series, the first was smallville (currently 6th season in the USA), then lost (3rd season in USA) and now prison break (2nd season in USA). Others that filled me a lot were The Sield, Gurdia Turn (I can not find it anywhere to buy it), CSI, Los hombres de paco, Central Hospital and lately I start to look at Supernatural and The Unit.

Ale a funny video made by the real lost actors, it’s worth it 😉

Crackeado el DRM by Windows Vista

Recall that one of the great news of windows vista, which has taken a lot of time and money has been the DRM protection for original contents it contains.

This protection prevents illegal content from being copied with anticopy restriction and rights management, Windows Vista verifies that the hardware used to reproduce it guarantees those restrictions and in case it does not, it will prevent its correct reproduction. It also encrypts the content when it is sent from one device to another to avoid copying it, even within the same computer.

Well, two days before its launch, it was announced that someone had managed to crack it, so much time and money invested at all?

In the end I move to Flickr

In the end, since I was bored at noon, I decided to give Flickr a chance.

The function I did the other day to get a thumbnail of my picasa pictures on my page, also works for Flickr and with the same result, you get the photos correctly but their quality is very low when you do not resize them correctly.

When I created the account in flickr and upload some images, the first thing I saw was that I offered to place a presentation of my photographs, but I only wanted the last 4 and in thumbnail.

From the api of flickr for php that you can download from here, I made some modifications to be able to obtain the images as I wanted, the result, to the right of the blog 😉

So from now on the images of this blog will be hosted on Flickr.

My first Trojan

Cleaning CDs, I found one with some programs that I did not even remember their existence, little things that I programmed to “fuck”, for example a net bomber that what I did was send net sends continuously. I used it in the university, before they could cover it, because when a computer received a message, an alert sounded, because sending 500 followed produced a very curious serenade 😛

Another thing that I was very excited to find was a Trojan that programmed in visual basic. It was the time when the Ptkks that was the only undetectable Trojans stopped working, its creators (putoamo.net) two Valencians if I do not understand, they left the project, this forced everyone to go to the subseven, the other great known, making any antivirus recognize it.
That is why I created my own, using Winsock, as main features, I could highlight that it turned the victim’s computer into an “FTP server” to be able to mess with your files at will and even download them to my computer.

It also had a keylogger in real time, or stored it for later send it to the mail. I could see their processes, finish them, create screen captures and send them to my computer .. I even programmed a web server for the infected client to connect and leave their ip, so I did not have to try to get it out every time I wanted to enter.

The executable generated an entry in the registry to be able to run at each computer startup and was hidden in the process console to avoid being terminated.

Anyway 🙂 I remember those, I would like to make / finish a / the Trojan, but nowadays I do not have time for anything anymore.