IPhone users be laughed at for samsung ads “wall”

4 July morning news, the samsung GALAXY S5 new advertisement online Youtube, advertising for apple users under the iPhone in life problem, had to sit on the floor at the airport “waiting” outlet, while samsung irony such people as the “wall”.

samsung’s latest AD released on Youtube, although only one minute, but the target iPhone fell to pieces. The AD the key point lies in the range of the iPhone, and advertising is the squat down next to the power supply in public charging iPhone users to become “wall”.

in the iPhone 5 s user life haunted, lined up at the airport crouching in the corner recharge his phone, and even forced to scarce socket charging station in the toilet, have a meal also can sit on the floor “care” is the corner charging the iPhone.


but in contrast to the “wall” is a samsung GALAXY S5 users, they sat in a chair, dining room freely at home, watching video, chat information, even if only 10% of the electricity in super life mode can standby one day, the last also can replace the battery, the condition of the iPhone users in AD appeared to envy.

in fact already have a lot of manufacturer for iPhone life problem, blackberry CEO John Chen in March when it comes to the iPhone to its users also become a “wall”.

source: sina mobile phone