IQIYI years listed hopeless: why exposure

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from investment Banks, the video industry and, according to different sources in the field of auditing iQIYI due to financial problems has been forced to delay the progress, the industry has speculated iQIYI to offerings in the second half of the year, but the truth is clear iQIYI financial problems still need to be at least 10 months, that means iQIYI listed hopeless before march next year.

for iQIYI reason of delay, the video industry and auditing are two completely different explanation, but in the end all point to the financial problems of iQIYI, after know we got the following interpretation:

rumor: lead to losses in the love can’t IPO?

1, from the video industry is interpretation, iQIYI deal or no deal at no cost a lot to buy the sole copyright cause huge losses within the company, although back to baidu this big tree, but faced with such huge losses, dare not underwriters iQIYI IPO’s list.

2, the video industry sources expect iQIYI losses this year will reach 10-1.5 billion yuan, this will set a single years since the company was founded, the highest losses.

truth: love in the financial system is not standard drag

1, although the video industry have pointed out that love art because of huge losses resulting in cannot successful IPO, but the message from the audit field source is not agreed with that statement. Personage points out to us in the field of auditing, which leads to the love in the delayed IPO is the real cause of the company since its creation on the financial system is not standard.

2, sources in the field of auditing, gong yu long time focus on the business level and not only attaches great importance to the financial audit system, and does not comply with the listed company financial management, financial system, development to late, even gong yu himself has been powerless to the financial system management, and at the beginning of baidu to iQIYI airborne CFO is the result of gong yu to li for help.

3, after baidu appointed CFO in iQIYI has iQIYI is improved in many of the financial aspects of specification, because too much content to specification, audit, according to people in the field of standard system of financial data and the work alone at least 10 months is needed.

3, according to the previously responsible for love in the financial work of VP has now is not responsible for the financial work of the concrete, and the airborne CFO is responsible for the global. According to anecdotal hearsay, the finance VP will leave in the near future, but the people still iQIYI temporary work.

4, sources and more recognition from investment banking financial norm is iQIYI the cause of the delay, instead of its losses. Each other, according to the United States from January gong yu road, capital market is very recognition, love in the current market share has more than on the part of data to youku, potatoes and in the field of mobile terminal and TV both even more imagination than youku potatoes, capital market is more about the future expectations, rather than the current performance, so in his view, the standard financial problems in love in the delayed IPO is more likely.

the interpretation of love in the delayed IPO

for iQIYI postpone IPO this matter, the parties to the claim is as follows:

1, close to love in the, according to people with the BAT to join the video game, now the most important thing is to expand and consolidate the market position, market and earnings are minor problem, so the delay of love in the not too big effect.

2, but also some people opposed, according to the previous love in the delayed IPO video industry sources said that this year is the hottest period of the capital market, weibo, gather beauty is superior, jingdong even alibaba choose IPO this year is enough to prove that this is the best time, and if the love in the delayed IPO, shut the window of the public of the future is still unknown, if encounter the winter capital market, to have huge losses in the love, will, and will drag on baidu.

3, for the problem of IPO, the love in the CEO gong yu said in an interview to the us, and start to go to America to see the investors, the main reason is that there have been two years no see investors in the system, but the love in the internal conditions are not yet for the IPO, investment scale, profitability, for example, are now negative. In addition, all kinds of audit financial also needs to have a clear timetable, but these are not prepared. IQIYI IPO is able to break the conditions of flat or can clear the timing of the forecast earnings.