Is the art of electronic easy capacity Omote technology

Widely used can be traced back to a long time ago, from the early years in the Star Wars films on the screen to simulate the add, add binks, to now are popular in the song of ice and fire simulate the city of king’s landing on the green screen. Now, it is time for this applies only on video technology play a prominent role in broader areas. With the designers and technical director of double identity Nobumichi Asai developed a projection technique, called Omote can be simulated mapping in living model face makeup look.

at first, the model, please first from the most basic daily makeup look to show, then, start to model dress up drama stage, T stage shows the makeup look. OK, I think, this is a very casual makeup application, can be used to give a headshot, since the late photos plus makeup effect. I later discovered, however, with the moving of the model face, changes in the makeup look as technology set a precise change accordingly. I realized the expression ‘electronic makeup look, too underestimate this technology.

Asai did not disclose the technical details of this technology, but as SlashGear company, points out, Omote technology seems to be some sort of what was originally used for mapping technology to capture real-time facial movement, at the same time, accurate to the makeup design of each different projection on a different face. Asai isn’t the first use of CGI, but Omote attempt is the first time the designers use CGI work on a fixed object.