Israel Seebo, 20 people company aim at $30 billion toy market

article/YangMiao shanzhai conference founder

before do science and technology press, Shanghai miaotuo uncle often have tear of trouble: backpacks are everywhere in the Internet industry, a lot of time just come into contact with some very cool new technology, new mode, it’s hard not to surge of emotion surge, imagining the future. But as a reporter, the observer, in accordance with the rules of the industry, and to keep a distance of rational, prudent, objective even want to go to “balance” describe the transaction to excite. This kind of feeling in Israel in the second day of the again, Simon uncle just now have a larger space, so I want to open the first shout a: Seebo this company is really cool and MOE!

Seebo is a small company, office space is very small, you are common in all kinds of pieces in the Middle East that two or three layers of low building, import and export as narrow and cramped, as Beijing shelter can even find a sit down all the way business group members meeting rooms are difficult. In this small conference room, packed ManManDengDeng Seebo CEO Lior Akivia shows us his ambitions for the $30 billion market (from the level of young and clarity of his own career planning, the last time to Simon uncle this kind of feeling is Mr Wang).

Seebo geared to the needs of the market situation is as follows. In the broad children’s entertainment market, the current main products are divided into traditional toys and interactive games two camps. Traditional toys including the mattel, hasbro, lego in Denmark, Japan, ten thousand generation giants such as; Interactive games is emerging in recent years, entertainment products, such as EA, Disney, activision games giants are in this area, there are a large number of small and medium-sized developers in children’s reading development, early education and entertainment.

to interject here, about the rapid growth of interactive games this, Simon uncle has a very intuitive experience. Some friends can bring their children in the party, and as long as the children aged between 2-10, the most effective way to coax them is lost to give him a device (iPhone is the next best option), and then they immediately quiet – even can last more than an hour.

children’s energy, after all, limited interactive entertainment and the traditional toy is currently underway is near zero and market competition, children addicted to, didn’t have a lot of energy to play with the entity. This let parents worry about vision and indulge on one hand, on the other hand also worry about completely virtual game weak children’s perception of the real world. If there is a way to make toys with electronic interactive games together, and strike a balance between children’s interest and the parents worry, this how large a market?

according to the NPD, the global toy market in 2012, the total $84 billion (including all kinds of authorization and derivatives); And according to Lior Akivia, toys and electronic games fusion in the future market, will have the size of the $30 billion.

how to integrate? Akivia demonstrates a toy product for us. The toys have a medium-sized chassis, known as the “town”, via bluetooth connected to the device. Town has the construction background, such as homes, hospitals, schools shall be accompanied by doctors, cooks, firefighters and other professional little doll. As long as the children put the doll in the related sites on the town, will trigger the plot, proprietary APP on the device by show related animation image.

this is just the foundation platform. Through these, developers can customize the function of the game. Children often love to play house, for example, each doll in the town of chassis, children can synchronize to record a character lines for him; When a place multiple doll in towns, constitutes a simple plot and interactive relationship. Best of all, children can also through the APP playback themselves to create a “house animation”.

the APP can be connected to the Internet, so the “towns” can support different number of children on the “play” through the Internet or other game (face to face and play, of course, is also support), every children can choose a different doll play its role, and through the APP shows the story of their roles and lines.

“towns” not only can be used in the game. In developers set a plot, a tornado swept through the town, a lot of people lost their livelihood, children need to use the corresponding action to find these tools – showing in the cylinder, the need to choose a doctor to complete the task; POTS, you will need to choose a cook. As the game difficulty rises, retrieving the props, multiterminal also changes in the way the scene doesn’t let video, photography, your brain the angry birds is about the same… Anyhow we gathered a few adults also play, play from age 2 to 8 years old is not willing to let go.

in fact, you can see that “towns” itself is not a finished game, but it provides one of the most important feature, is also China’s Internet industry over the past two years to discuss one of the highest frequency words, is to “connect”. It provides real world toys, the connection to the APP in the virtual world. Virtual world once built, the running cost is almost zero, but acousto-optic effect can end the limits of human imagination. Toys in addition to pure entertainment function, important function of education is to let children know the composition and operation of the real world; Before, this kind of education need to be done by parents constantly “background explanation”, in the “town”, children through to the operation of the real toy, agreed to build a story or even a world of dreams, accept the efficiency of knowledge, is far higher than in traditional way. The “connection” played a key role.

“towns” not Seebo products, but only one instance of application of their products. They provide is a “connection” : a chip in a toy, a set of apis, used to develop can perceive the state of the chip of the APP. Through this connection tool, traditional toys developers can to enter the “black hole” attention to the continuation of his former influence.

in fact like toy giants had previously had a try. Miaotuo uncle once in the United States and Hong Kong in the apple store to buy a gift for children in a friend’s house, a capacitance brush, can start corresponds to the drawing board on the program, let the child draws the Disney princess and prince, or the hulk, captain America in the Marvel comics. This is a traditional giant stretched the intellectual property rights to electronic attempt in the field of interactive games. Seebo, by contrast, was a big step forward, they offer real and the virtual world of the connection. Once upon a time, the operation of the electronic equipment only keyboard mouse touchscreen interface; Seebo appear after any physical objects can become “interface”.

of course, the application field of this kind of connection is far more than in the field of children’s game, a wider range of interactive entertainment can also be the same to achieve through it. Imagine, if the application of The Three Kingdoms kill Seebo system, when xelloss and binjii teamed up with their respective skills will’s chop in Xu Changshi, using the airplay to the big screen, how will a touching of the story?

Seebo business model is not selling chips with the API to make money, instead they will put these free for toy manufacturers, and then from each sold toys into. Because all the toys will use the network function, so they also need not worry to hide. Perhaps the most worries the Seebo not market space problem, but shanzhai manufacturers; Although they achieve the effect of magic, but behind the principle is not complicated. Akivia answer to the question is that they have a first-class expert on child psychology, behavioral science, can provide the most suitable for the characteristics of children in the API function and situation; And as long as developers choose their API, the ecosystem is the moat is build up. Simon uncle then asked that if people still use your API but cracked chips what, big deal toys don’t surf the Internet piracy only play single bai, this thing has happened on the XBOX. Akivia said their chips and API with special technology, think you really don’t know that I the stronghold of my heart, can only watch than fighting with them all over the world…

of course, the ideal situation, Seebo actually also need not scruple is piracy, as intellectual property rights, they are more qualified to with lego talk about cooperation, hasbro and mattel, and the original toy market of huge profits has let them sleep enough, after all, only 20 people team. To zhihu on search to see lego how many fake brand in domestic, but the somebody else’s sales in China is not rising. In more and more attention to safety and quality of the future, as long as you can really get copyright owners, Seebo outlook is still worthy of blessing.

the other word, at present all of high quality tablet class interactive games for children, are based on the development of the apple is the undisputed king, Simon uncle not developers don’t know the reasons, perception, but haven’t seen any child was not the tablet to live.

the day to arrange other company communication:

smart glasses Glyph: Avegant by the research and development company founder and COO Yobie Benjiamin is introduced. Glyph of glasses lenses have thousands of small screen, the video signal is directly projected onto the retina, 720 p resolution. Benjiamin extrovert, dancing, claim to be invested in ebay, paypal, Facebook, Twitter, angel stage, also said he in the research and development a paper-thin, eLEC screen refresh rate is as high as 240 frames per second.

Essence: a company has been set up more than 20 years of intelligent security companies, with a central controller to control subsidiary motion-sensing, filming, such as flooding, smoke sensors. Appearance design is apple.


eyeSight company CEO Gideon Shmuel demonstrates their motion control technology for us, basically similar to access it, the software can recognize all kinds of action, for all kinds of electrical control, bright spot is the recognition need not to access the professional camera, computer’s own line, other electrical appliances to use this function only needs to add an ordinary camera. At the same time it can also be applied in intelligent glasses, with specific actions can realize the function such as switching, menu click on the picture.

eyesight technology has cooperation with arm, AMD, lenovo, hisense, and built-in OPPO mobile phone.