It doesn’t taste good, nokia is too big, must do surgery

cloud network hunting on July 21,

these two days all Microsoft layoffs, which just into its mobile phone giant nokia, former proportion is as high as 60% in the layoffs, “losses”, to read news readers began to make a finished “nokia” “Microsoft really hard for them.” But it is not everybody imagination of so serious, some contents have been greatly exaggerated.

first of all, Microsoft’s acquisition is just nokia mobile phone manufacturing and service sector. As a one hundred – year – old, nokia’s business design is not only limited to the mobile phone, mobile phone sector can be part of a giant nokia modest business, already can’t keep up with the situation, can’t fully meet the market conditions, “sale” such a thing in the same volume of giant, common but again! Weakness had, after all, now, could not save the situation.

IBM sold or IBM PC business, sold the server manufacturing business still is IBM, is up for sale chip manufacturing business, you said are not IBM?

the sale behavior of these bosses seem to cut meat, sell only encumbrance business of their own has been unable to make money, and then focus all resources to better business, did not sell personal lives. And nokia mobile phone, can only say that now mobile phones are not the past, now of the mobile phone industry ecological orientation, already change nokia can’t start from scratch again.

the next step is about Microsoft made just with nokia mobile phone business “surgery” problem, this is understandable. In the past between big companies annexed purchase event, the large-scale layoffs (left) is common.

two dimension in large-scale m&a between similar companies, after the company cultural integration is a big problem, not directly pull the acquirers to death. After the acquisition of swallowed up, and choked to death himself situation in the case of the past.

so the large-scale layoffs of Microsoft, is a very normal matter, in addition to cutting for the new team of staff, redundant business department, in order to quickly complete the integration, follow the development goals of the parent company.

after the last is about Microsoft’s move. Has been said above, Microsoft is in order to complete the rapid integration, next business deployment. The layoffs now has begun, the next step should also be followed by the business deployment.

about Microsoft’s mobile phone (plate) business, is the channel, ecology, products. Now Microsoft has a profound accumulation of global channel on nokia in the mobile market and powerful technology patent resources, for Windows phone products, ecological has injected new vitality.

fine pattern. Microsoft as system provider, could no longer like nokia strategy using machine sea with a strong competitive relationship with their partners, only like apple product strategy is the feasible approach to reassure partners. And the mass layoffs, which cut is not good cooperation personnel redundant projects.

huaqiang north hatch. with nokia’s technology and channel, and nokia has long been the construction of industry chain, although the current active out of the question, but “kindness”, as long as Microsoft to benefit, fast into the cooperation is no problem. After Microsoft dismissed machine sea strategy, can give to huaqiang north market, technology more. Plus with Intel’s new wintel alliance form, general offensive low-end market, improve the ecological security.

channels to be Shared. nokia original channels are very abundant, Microsoft go after the product strategy of channel utilization, apparently, is much lower. Extra channel resources anyway, idle is idle, take out to huaqiang north second-line phone makers, rescue fire fighting to the international stage of the dream come true, this is not let a person feel grateful.

comprehensive, Microsoft to go apple + android model, huaqiang north will be the wave of Microsoft in the construction of ecological benefit is the largest.

now, Microsoft Windows system has been gradually improve on the function, although the ease of use and low as before, but in transition animations, system fluency be better than android, its style is very outstanding, plus the latest Xbox platform game transplantation, for the most mild enough to use for users. Microsoft ecological re-emergence of momentum is very obvious.