Jack xu otherwise you becoming a monk for a startup is not suitable for you

this is my first time to bet against a product, although it has just been born. The name of this product is called a raven. And most people focus on something different. The media often to see who is doing. What a guy, don’t don’t know. The original jack xu came into new products.

this is the record information that can be found online, name: Shanghai causeway technology co., LTD., registration number: 310113001071936 legal representative’s name: jack xu. Don’t know if this is not illegal. At the beginning I also afraid of not professional, or consultation with a applauded when co-founder of news is accurate. And were still in operation. And fills in the application also provides a crow AD position for promotion.

the article just wrote half of the time, saw the crow this app has been seen in the media, the above things is written before.

dared ask, jack xu, you this is the fad?

before we speak ill one should boast a boast, or review the CV can always. Graduated from tsinghua, early chinaren team technical engineers, sohu chief technology officer, vice President of oak Pacific interactive, shanda winger, with departure, applauded launch applications, internal incubation crow. At first glance, from engineers to technical director to professional managers and entrepreneurs. Life is brilliant. Years development, but it seems that didn’t go to favour the timing and tuyere is baldheaded literary men in uniting the zen master.

some say jack xu has been swinging between niche and public. Small and beautiful niche product in China red. Were carefully to analyze is actually weak demand for products. Applauded at that time, it seems, with sound and pictures, is a kind of innovation. But eventually fled but it is a weak social products. Especially after the star to join, novelty will surge, but calm down, be spoilt the enthusiasm of the publisher. Why, because no one to see, when a work than a person more attractive when the user’s original could be greatly reduced. Thus far from social is more and more. Sunk down in the end, the community, until die of peace.

socializing will continue, pursuit is a kind of balance, eventually will be noticed by people in a small voice, even a thumb up, bad review. Why people leave weibo, because nobody put a fart in micro expo was flooded with large flow of information, there is no presence of the user to space, to the micro letter. Friend is the one who care about and toxic friends will thumb up. Small voice can get a response, this is the real social attributes. Clap fire up completely is a kind of new social phenomenon, can’t call it social products. So it could not continue to life.

to be honest, this is not a wall when they push, if want to date, the first product points of zhao-jun xu is also a hot a sink products, is a rare, jack xu in the media of speech mostly with dry, can let a person shine at the moment. But what he said didn’t seem to do experiments on their products .

avoid become a haven, this article is to discuss the new product a crow, go here, Brian there is little internal incubation, and applauded the crow is internal incubation. If continue to talk here anonymous social is a bit not tunnel. Media fired and fry in this respect, without looking for team, making co-founder of ha ha, how to play the secret circle, quietly, quietly, hug, guess, and positioning the workplace anonymous toast. so many products, is to need to play an anonymous society regiment campaign ?

return to crow, making internal entrepreneurship programs, both on campus and workplace, meaning that it balances the toast of the street and a campus anonymous social applications persona, specifically for this kind of thinking on the stump really commendable. But if you really download experience after, you will find that the crow involved in both, actually these two aspects are not professional, it is difficult to have high quality user precipitation, let alone the future quality of the user. Here a little guess, perhaps team considered the clap of users, the anonymous social products are divided into two classes, so that we can more limits to translate. But this kind of neutralization, the mobile Internet, is at best a middle ground. But often the winner is type of way of doing things.

in the end, I still think the anonymous social applications, time window is over, a crow, destined to not a few times. Also, if you think this article belong to after you read through the black paper, I’m just a black exactly: looking forward to the next crow internal incubation of another product to hasty brush media . Don’t thank!



company: Shanghai causeway technology co., LTD.

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