Jiayuan announced an intelligent couple bracelet

on May 12, hunting cloud network news

in the century company independent director wang said the company is launching a wearable devices, shortly after jiayuan announced today, is about to launch a smart couple bracelet. But not released its specific function, online time and price.

jiayuan CEO Wu Linguang said that with the current market has various health intelligent dressing equipment, jiayuan hope that through smart apparel for love couples and married couples are to provide a kind of “love”.

according to introducing, this bracelet will be effected according to the two into a pair of sale, respectively for legislate to wear, the purpose is to increase communication lovers or couples. Wu Linguang said. “the launch of the smart couple bracelet hope can improve a problem, is becoming more and more developed science and technology, but it becomes indifference between people.”

jiayuan though with more than $1 on the number of registered members, but due to the particularity of dating sites, site of viscosity is extremely low, users know after to leave quickly. How to extend from dating market to marriage and wedding, is jiayuan have been trying. Wu Linguang said the launch for lovers of the product is an important step to jiayuan future strategic layout.

after hunting cloud network readers pointed out that at present, based on the dating website mainline, jiayuan has three line in advance.

the first, and promote the development of O2O. Until the end of 2013, jiayuan one-on-one matchmaker business has extended to 30 outlets, in 25 cities of Q4 last year line layout is accelerated, in 11 cities added 12 points. This is the market service coverage on exploration, especially under the wave of O2O, jiayuan offline business is accelerated.

second, mobile terminal to explore new products. Mobile Internet is a new market, the product shape much more than the PC to the Internet, so will the market opportunity more. 2013 century company more efforts to promote market segmentation strategy, and launched a few for young users of mobile new products, “date” is one of the main APP.

third, wearable smart devices. Although has not yet formally appearance, can already feel the jiayuan to the importance of this product, otherwise there will be no wang xiaochuan to “display”. Beautiful picture show has launched a mobile phone, jiayuan to launch the wearable devices associated with dating too much, just as mentioned above, launched smart devices is the jiayuan industry and release the signal in the transformation of science and technology.