Jingdong forthcoming, but owe a real employees

the author: Lin Fenglei

these two days, all sorts of Beijing east and children frequently harassed in the background of eight elder sister, eight sister are a little tired.

what are harassed me knead? A smoke is typically show off in an ostentatious manner owe model, kept asking me, eight elder sister, jingdong to be listed, the ans good excited, will raise are you talking about? Roadshow situation now is very good? Nima, this is not mean to stimulate me no stock of female prick silk? And there’s a very anxiety, they keep asking me, eight elder sister, I want to know how much I’m in stock to deliver? When can I cash out? I don’t know how many shares. Nima, eight elder sister can not help a sweat, how many stock you have, I don’t know? These things you should not ask the jingdong HR? Eight elder sister not jingdong HR again, how do I know to knead?

however, about the stock, ask me jingdong small children’s shoes is a lot of ah, eight elder sister out of curiosity and the spirit of public service for the people, also in detail to understand, understand, I can’t help but think, nima, jingdong is really a wonderful work company.

as MAO so speak?

1, almost all have a stock of jingdong eight elder sister come into contact with children’s shoes, only the oral agreement with HR or liu assistant stock quantity, and companies are blank contract, that is not written in the contract exactly how many shares. Even some of the children’s shoes contract were the company withdrew, hand have no proof.

2, induction of children’s shoes in recent years, restricted stock is jingdong, many agreed to 20% a year. Induction, for example, some children’s shoes company promises to 1000 shares, points to 5 years, to 20% a year, but two years later he left hand part of the stock also seems to be invalid. No HR come to explain this thing.

3, jingdong in Dst stake (2011), seems to have had split, 1 open 5 shares, however, that hold shares of many employees didn’t know the news, also don’t know if I split into how many shares. The jingdong listed, a lot of people received the mail company, explain the stock policy, but it seems to say only 1 adss is equal to two ordinary shares.

4, jingdong only director level or more senior managers know oneself how many stock, below this level employees don’t know the specific policy and how many shares. As for when can you cash that is more don’t know.

5, email has said that the recent jingdong side would hold briefing sessions, announce the details of the shares to employees, and formally signed certification to what. But, tomorrow will be listed, this does not appear to have open. You said, those who took stock of employees not abnormal heart try so hard?

good cutting, have to say, this really strange. Eight elder sister also curiosity daihatsu, checked jingdong the prospectus in detail, let’s see what information can be XiangJing east children to share. Is really have some fun.

1, jingdong successively issuing shares to employees and management for many times, the issue of ordinary shares to 107 million, this part of the shares issued by the entity for Fortune Rising Holdings Limited (wealth co., LTD.). Liu is the sole control of the company. That is to say, this part of the employee stocks held by liu generation, voting rights to liu also.

2, listed in cash, as an employee stock bonus of this entity company Fortune Rising is not cash, that is to say, this part of the stock and normal lock-ups end after 180 days, too. Does that mean, jingdong have children after 180 days of the stock can be sold? The eight elder sister also is bad to say, I think it depends on you and liu finally the contract.

3, liu now owns 18.8% of jingdong stake, if all of employee shareholding in Fortune Rising company, that is to say, liu has a 18.8% stake, and other employees and executives only a 4.3% stake.

4, liu mainly through the company called Max Smart jingdong’s ownership entity (Max Smart) co., LTD., a total of 18.8% stake. That it could have the staff shares? The eight elder sister is really don’t know, maybe know that only strong and liu and jingdong CFO. However, eight elder sister asked friends and someone says, in general, there is no generation hold, because employees incentive shares part already said very clearly in the prospectus.

1 at the end of 5201, liu said, the equity of jingdong sent to employees more than 70% of his personal. But time has in the past three years, who knows employee-owned how many? Who knows liu’s Max generation Smart have shares?

6, interestingly, major employee stock entity Fortune Rising no cash, but liu himself as listed in the big cash, he sold 13.9 million shares, cash out up to $125 million. Said the above, this part of the sale shares are the basic not too may have a generation of, may be personal all liu, if this assumption, that is to say, the listing is real cash money only liu himself. Staff favorite, you just wait.

of course, the above is the analysis of the eight elder sister, maybe somebody else Jiang east elder brother this generation are $125 million, also allow some employees to cash, even if now can’t cash out, the somebody else Jiang narain, east elder brother, how can depend on you that a small stake? The lock-up period should be able to sell the.

but eight elder sister say, Jiang east elder brother ah, in terms of employee stock this transparency, you really do have a bit! Should at least have a special stake in HR or something, should at least give employees a replacement before the public, or the employees are complaining, grumble, even secretly conjectured, old liu took all the money to your personal earned, employees can’t even drink soup, it’s a misunderstanding. What do you think of this every day?