Jingdong listed on 22 May, the price range of $16 to $18

May 10 news, the United States financial website IPOScoop.com information display, jingdong on May 22, listed on the nasdaq stock market in the United States, is expected to raise $1.593 billion.

jingdong, update the prospectus that the IPO pricing is estimated to be between $18 to $16/ADS. Prospectus also revealed, jingdong the IPO is expected to sell 69007360 adss, selling shareholders will sell 24678260 adss. In addition the underwriters shall enjoy the right of 14052840 adss over-allotment, the price is in line with its IPO price. ADS translation as American depositary shares, per ADS on behalf of the 2 strands of jingdong class A common stock.

jingdong, previously submitted documents show the company in 2013, the total net revenue of RMB 69.34 billion ($11.454 billion), 41.381 billion yuan higher than the previous year, compared with 21.129 billion yuan in 2011. Jingdong mall operating loss in 2013 of 579 million yuan ($96 million), better than the operating loss of 1.951 billion yuan a year earlier, a good operating loss was 1.404 billion yuan in 2011.

on March 20, jingdong in its updated F – 1 file also increase the content of 2013 results. Prospectus, jingdong net revenue of 69.34 billion yuan, in 2013 than 41.38 billion yuan in 2012 increased by 67.6%. Net loss of 50 million yuan in 50 million, the net loss of 1.729 billion yuan.

jingdong GMV 2013 (total commodities trading) is 125.5 billion yuan, 2012 GMV is 73.3 billion yuan. Jingdong 2013 active users has reached 2013 people, 2012 to 29.3 million.

although jingdong operations greatly improved, however, jingdong results are still worthy of concern. Jingdong interest income is 344 million yuan ($57 million) in 2013, a year earlier interest income is 176 million yuan, 2011 interest income is 56 million yuan. It was jingdong from interest income increased dramatically, that let jingdong net loss narrowed sharply.