Joint chiefs of staff chairman guo-qing zhao left the company Jingdong departing executives large inventory

hunting cloud network news on April 15

jingdong release internal mail, today announced the joint chiefs of staff chairman guo-qing zhao, leaving no longer jingdong group executive positions, as senior adviser, due to reasons such as “” personal learning and entrepreneurship. Public information, guo-qing zhao jingdong CEO liu in central Europe, insead alumni in July 2012 to join the jingdong as chief strategy officer, in June 2013, as a group, vice chairman of the board of directors, at the end of 2013, it became jingdong co-chairman, full participation in the group level of major decisions, the operation and management work, in just one year there have been two promotion.

guo-qing zhao, on the eve of jingdong listed immediately outside the sound of a stunned, guo-qing zhao left become jingdong since its creation as a co-chairman departing executives in the position of the highest one, jingdong is also the supreme executive turnover rate in the industry enterprises. Below cloud network hunting on inventory, jingdong which executives have gone.

Zhang Chuan

position: vice President, responsible for purchasing department

working time: in February, 2010 – April 2011

after leaving office, Zhang Chuan join taobao mall, senior director, report directly to taobao mall CEO zhang yong. Later, Zhang Chuan and set up their own investment funds.

b soil month

position: vice President, responsible for the strategic development

working time: on June 6, 2009 – April 18, 2012

Jiang Haidong

position: vice President, responsible for logistics warehouse

working time: June 2009 – June 18, 2012,

guo-qing zhao

position: co-chairman

working time: July – 2012