Kunlun disputes, ten thousand d make the outbreak martial arts alleged piracy operations

according to people familiar with the matter, although the kunlun ten thousand d the distributorship in name of “outbreak martial arts” to the dream hand swim, but the outbreak of knight-errant’s actual operators is still the kunlun ten thousand d.

, the source said the outbreak martial arts all ads, are YouKunLun ten thousand d staff to negotiate, and conclude a contract for the promotion of various media, the game’s marketing plan, from the hand of the kunlun. Kunlun just by trying to will nominally hand travel agency to dream, to achieve the goal of escape the responsibility of piracy.
In early February of this year, jin yong in the mainland area of the original authorized party changyou formally to all torts game development, and the distributor warning letter, asked to remove all infringing content, with 91 mobile phone assistant, 360 mobile phone assistant and so on each big platform for emergency communication, demanded an immediate shelves pirated products, and reserves the right to development, further prosecution.

the data shows, changyou had spent 20 million yuan jin yong’s exclusive rights, the hands of the ten books based on the 10 of wuxia much money hand swim is in development; While perfect holdings include “smile the ao river’s lake” “the legend of the condor heroes” the handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “” giant” and so on some of the mobile game of jin yong’s martial arts works copyright.

just five months ago, the kunlun ten thousand d another mobile game “kung fu Q biography was forced to modify the game character names for infringement, but from the point of the game content, the martial arts Q biography itself still has a large number of infringing content, could be jin yong’s copyright owners sued at any time.

since last October, swim together with perfect blow of jin yong’s copyright infringement, including video games, crab and other famous tour companies are being hit hand. Eventually these mobile game of infringement compensation and an apology.

against infringement event outbreak martial arts, the game industry observers Zheng Huafeng that outbreak martial arts and martial arts Q biography of prepaid phone players would be most at risk of a batch of people, because when the jin yong’s copyright formally launched a lawsuit, the game will be the big change, the player card in his hand as a virtual property, the value will be discounted.

from: sina science and technology