Learning about “honey pots”

If you do not know what a honey pot is, literary translation, it means ‘jar of honey’ and in computer science it is thus determined to vulnerable systems that allow attackers in a controlled way to access and thus be able to study them.

What has been a “trap” for attackers (the hunter hunted).

On this page there is a very interesting article on this practice, it is worth it even if it is in English.


QEMU emulates the operation of several processors and uses dynamic translation to gain speed.

The program has two modes of operation: the emulation of the complete system, which includes one or more processors and different peripherals. It can be used to launch different operating systems without restarting the PC or debugging the code.

In the other mode, called a user, QUEMU can launch processes compiled from one CPU to another. Its utility? For example, launch the Wine Windows API emulator or facilitate cross-compilation and debugging.

This program, moreover, runs without the need for a host kernel driver and, however, provides acceptable performance.

You will be interested to know that among the ten hardwares supported in the Full System Emulation mode are: the PC (x86 or x86_64 processor), the ISAP PC, the PREP and the G3 BW Power Mac. Regarding the second mode, it supports up to six different types of CPU.

I’m going to the Canary Islands

Yes, it was planned this morning, while we were studying the database exam we just got out of, it was a bit “weird” aver when the note came out ..

Returning to the trip, we have organized it for … tomorrow, yes, TOMORROW hehe, the truth is that it has been incredible, to organize a trip to the Canary Islands in less than 72 hours.

The destination is the island of Gran Canaria (that’s where my family came from, many many years ago …) going back to my roots 🙂 more specifically to the hotel the hamlet that is on the beach of English, in the south of the island.

From what I have been told there is a very good party in that area 🙂 although searching the internet I have found that it has a “naturist” beach nearby. And what is naturist? The same as a nudist?

Is it the same naturism and nudism?
In general, they are often used interchangeably, although there are some differences. Naturism, taking as reference the previous definition, emphasizes the integration with nature. Thus, naturists would be considered those who enjoy naked nature, while they would be nudists who undress at home or go to nudist centers. However, the nudist centers are usually next to beaches, mountains or forests where you can enjoy nature without clothes. And there are many people who do both, so they would not fit into any of the categories.

Not that I’m excited about this type of beach (usually the percentage of men / women .. leaves a lot to be desired) and NO, I do not frequent them 🙂 but I found it curious to find myself with it.

The regime is full board, alcohol included, and buffet meals, so I do not think we spend a lot once there.

Tonight (we are already on Friday) about 7 in the morning leaves our flight from Madrid, so until Thursday that I return I will not be able to update this blog 🙁

A little bit of my life …

Today is a difficult day, tomorrow will be worse, this week I have had to get up early and sometimes … not at all, on Thursday I have a database test and I have not started with it yet. There have already been several notes of the February exams … for now … all approved .. except one … (I’ll tell you in due course) but I’ll probably have to leave for September, it does not overwhelm me either, because like this it was going to be my Last summer, I was going to take advantage of it 😀 and I did not intend to start working.

That is another subject that I regain the head, the future work .. where will I end? Like xergio, in madrid? In Salamanca? Barcelona? (I do not know Catalan) Will I find a job? Will I sting much code? Research + Development?

By the way, I miss a spell checker for wordpress.

Today is a difficult day, and not only for me, NoNameGirl is also like that (it’s not good to eat your head so much) and morao has closed his blog 🙁 (I’ll send an email to doubts @ ..)

I have decided to make some changes in the blog, since lately I had it a bit forgotten because I had focused on other projects, but seeing how the course is going, I am going to close them very quickly.

I added the section “My photos” and I had already put my resume but as I did “copy paste” the presentation went wrong so I decided to remove it to face it at another time.

They follow in “pending things” the section of Who I am, and fix the script that generates the image that shows the visits of the last 7 days (among other things).

Today I also learned of the terrible news that my hosting, where I have hosted all my websites, has decided to disable the mail () function of php, due to the possible use of spam messages (such as the one that burns me the comments of this blog continuously), this affects that I have to look for my life and change so many existing projects.

On the other hand (since we take the issue of my hosting) is giving me many problems with the management of several domains, as they do not let me redirect a .es domain to a web space of my property, claiming that you can not redirect the .es and if I want I have to buy a web space. (of this already I will speak later … what sadness)

This .. among other things, the scholarship, the classes, the work … in short … as someone once said, more wise than us:

Patience and tolerance is the path to tranquility and inner peace.