Lei jun: millet international advanced army in Asia, Europe and the 10 countries of Latin America

millet company gradually expands pace of expansion in Asia, lei jun accepted the exclusive interview with fortune, he how to choose the overseas market, and millet model can reproduce sexually.

this is a crazy idea: in 2010, lei jun (Xiaomi), established the millet mobile phone company in China directly to Apple (Apple), Samsung (Samsung), Lenovo (Lenovo) challenge of money, such as high-end mobile phone supplier. In front of these giants, millet is not only stick to their positions, also implements the explosive growth. Millet mobile phone sales of more than $5 billion last year, growth rate reached 150%, company valuation is now up to $10 billion. , 44, lei jun says, based on Google (Google) android development of millet mobile phone can be successful mainly by the close interaction and customer. Earlier this year, millet mobile phone into the Singapore; Is expected soon after, millet mobile phone will move into India and Malaysia. Millet company gradually expands pace of expansion in Asia, lei jun to accept the “Fortune” magazine (Fortune) interview, talking about why he thought the millet mobile phone can also achieve good transformation in other markets.

which countries will become the new market for you? How do you choose these countries?

lei jun: our preliminary plan to move to Asia, Europe and Latin America, including 10 countries. These countries are to meet three conditions: the smartphone market will soon reach a tipping point, social network service highly mature, good e-commerce infrastructure. Based on these conditions, we choose such as Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico and India as the expansion of the next station.

other smartphone makers in China, especially in Lenovo (Lenovo) 】 【 output has a successful marketing model, in other developing high-quality low-cost mobile phone sales, and has set up brand awareness and their own retail network. How do you plan to compete with them?

in a sense, we are in cooperation with them, to create the reputation of Chinese brands. Our difference is that we will copies millet’s own sales model to other markets. We take the user as a friend, let them help us improve; At the same time, we follow such a strategy, only in only 7-8 kinds of products on the pursuit of excellence.

fierce competition in the field of smart phone seems to be leading to a fall in profits. How are you going to earn enough profits, make the company worthy of a $10 billion valuation?

one of the most famous millet company is its business model, we can go on the cost. We have the world’s top operational efficiency. In addition, we can also from their own hardware platforms, software and services) in the profit.

you are how to extend the android ecosystem?

we had a lot of innovation, such as a key to our local wi-fi access functions. This feature is very popular. In addition, we also have a harassing phone calls automatically intercept function, etc.

, you mentioned that the company’s goal is to become a “fortune” the world top 500 companies. Why did you order this? To achieve this goal set out a timetable?

it is said, millet company is overnight, so you don’t have a long-term development. I hope millet could soon become a fortune global 500 company, shows that our business model is a sustainable and rapid development.

what do you think of the “fortune” magazine’s “person of the 2013 annual business” elon? Elon musk?

no matter on the creative or in the execution, he is outstanding. I think tesla motors is very good, I also bought two, one in the United States, one in China. China that is on the way. Chinese (wealth)