LeiJunWei bo propaganda yu: the unified screen resolution is recommended

on the morning of June 13, millet technology CEO lei jun on weibo every song yu, called for huawei adopts the same resolution, jointly improve the state of android tablet. Night yu to respond, said huawei need not 4:3 screen because the current mainstream android tablet screen proportion is 16:10, adaptation of 4:3 is very bad. But he agrees with lei jun to push the android application developers to fit different display scale and resolution, rich experience and perfect the android tablet application software and promote the development of ecology android tablet.

event playback:

on June 12th afternoon, huawei launched its first 4 g tablet MediaPad M1, the 1280 * 1280 resolution screens, priced at 1299 yuan.

conference after the interview, he repeatedly mentioned millet tablets, tablets and said millet price exceeded public expectations, and does not support 4 g, huawei does not think millet tablet is MediaPad M1’s main rival.

, on the morning of June 13 LeiJunWei bo propaganda yu, suggested that the M1 and the mini retina screen resolution, convenient to transplant the application, to improve the state of android tablet. And selection and the plate was admitted millet mini retina screen, is the result of thinking over and over again.

two industry bosses from weibo dialogue can be seen from a distance for android tablet determination, huawei and millet android tablet iec development needs manufacturers work together, huawei and millet can do follow-up, android tablet launch we will see. (text/wei ze)

source: sina science and technology