Lenovo is a secret to build a model of the intelligence of augmented reality glasses?

as we know, only a patent something does not mean that can be based on the field of a commodity. However, lenovo just for electronic equipment and sound capture method applied for a basic patents. This device appeared in the United States patent and trademark office website, and Google glasses look very close. We fight and called the “lenovo glasses”.

this device is very simple. It contains an audio and video recorder, and a similar Lumus Labs of lightweight video on demand. The company’s technology will transform these glasses for augmented reality function of the display. At the same time, thanks to the bone conduction in the headset microphone, also increased a method of wireless communication.

lenovo in the file is very carefully described it as a recording device, rather than a wearable mobile device. Analysts pointed out that lenovo the aim is to make sure you won’t lawsuits by rivals. Of course, this patent also shows great interest in the field of lenovo in wearable device.

lenovo has not yet in the United States strongly to crack the mobile space, in addition to the unprecedented ThinkPads brand. However, there is no a company have the courage to ignore wearing type device. If this shows us anything, it is each person will enter with a game – and high-tech glasses are becoming more cool.



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