Less than a month sold 11 million units, samsung said the Galaxy S5 sales record

samsung mobile business j.k. shin, President announced: “the Galaxy S5 first month total sales of 11 million units, a number that has broken the Galaxy S4 release the records of 10 million units a month”.

in addition, j.k. shin said the Galaxy of S5, will bring huge to samsung this quarter revenue, and expand the samsung smartphone market share in the world. However, he declined to give details of the data.

it is important to note that samsung has revealed the Galaxy S5 is more popular in foreign countries, especially in mature markets such as the United States, Australia, Germany sales better.

the Wall Street journal said that samsung smartphone supremacy is facing serious challenge in China and other emerging mobile phone manufacturer. Up 70% of samsung revenue’s mobile business is facing the predicament of stagnant or even recession. Although the cause of this problem are various, but it is generally accepted that mediocrity, lack of innovation is one of the largest development bottleneck of samsung mobile products.

when asked what the Galaxy S5 with record again, j.k. shin, gives the two explanations: first, the Galaxy S5 according to the needs of the consumers, increase the fingerprint identification, the fuselage factors such as waterproof, life ascension, this is the main cause of the product received welcome. In addition, the Galaxy S5 before release preparations do better. At present the device has been on sale in 125 countries worldwide, and made a cooperation with most major carriers.