Letv car networking officially open, sohu, a former deputy editor-in-chief sunmoonstar join ceos

in the layout of the film and TV, smart TV and agricultural electricity, Letv conveniently put into the car and networking fields. Earlier this month, Letv had cooperate with baic. Another signal is in the near future, depending on the action and baic jointly invested in the United States a high-tech design of pure electric vehicle company Atieva.

today, Letv official confirmation sohu, a former deputy editor-in-chief, auto join Letv sunmoonstar division general manager, he will become Letv car networking Letv holding vice President and CEO, the leading car networking project, and report to Jia Yueting directly. This means that regard to officially declare into car networking field.

join joy before, sunmoonstar joining sohu net, in December 2002 in auto channel editor position for three years. From 2009 to 2014, sunmoonstar promoted sohu auto division general manager, sohu net, deputy chief editor. In 12 years of sohu sunmoonstar offline sales channels, information in the automobile industry marketing and even car brands have long experience on relationship management.

according to the current information, depending on the music is not as rumors say making cars, the more likely to be its own platform and content in automobile products.

for car networking development process, the technology was not decided and restricting factors, more important challenge for the industry in a chaotic state, the market prospect is unknown, don’t know the game, did not establish the rules of the game. Although ali, tencent and other giants are also involved, but the particularity of new markets for Letv also means great opportunities.