Letv important signal, the mobile phone’s original meizu executives Ma Lin to join us

some time ago about Letv began to spread the news of the mobile phone, but basically there is no official comment. Today, Letv to new official news manuscript is revealed important signal.

happy regards to new announced today that the original meizu executives Ma Lin was a month ago to join depending on TV, and music as vice President of research and development of new mobile division, responsible for le regard to new UI system intelligent mobile terminal product research and development work, directly to the music depending on to a new report to senior vice President.

Ma Lin who is it? The data shows, he has 11 years of experience in research and development in mobile phone industry, after a senior software engineer, development team leader, manager, and vice President. During the meizu served as vice President, the leadership has developed all the meizu flagship mobile phone, at the same time leadership launched the android depth Flyme OS customization system.

his special experience and Letv have mobile phones. What’s more, after he joined le regard responsible is intelligent mobile terminal product UI system research and development work, and this should be the UI on the phone.

there are reported earlier, the former vice President of lenovo and MIDH Feng Xing China sales department general manager will join Letv. Letv is likely to be held on June 10th “refresh 1 + 1” conference, or it is mobile phone products.

music depending on the mobile phone products also meet Jia Yueting proposed ecological planning: namely from upstream content production, build a platform to market offer, to the CDN transmission, to the terminal cover and external input the complete ecological applications, the so-called “content + platform + terminal + application” le regard ecology.