LG G3 will release soon, the world’s first laser autofocus smartphones

with the approaching of the 27 LG G3 conference, photos of all stripes, analysis report, under the bombardment of G3 specifications, configuration, basically have been known to all, LG officials also openly discuss G3 accessories information.

has popped the G3 will carry laser autofocus system, like the One of HTC has the depth of field detection function, can reduce the time to focus, to produce high quality photos quickly. Laser focus on the accuracy and speed than traditional optical focusing, the laser focus is applied to the mouse, but now, its stage is expanded to smartphones.

for LG, the introduction of laser autofocus system that will largely improve the shooting ability of G3 – OIS original shake technology + new laser automatic focus will be fully optimized G3 shooting the effect of dynamic objects. LG also will have the opportunity to use G3 to shake the iPhone for a long time in lead – iPhone camera results fast reliable autofocus function has been praised for people, few competitors to its performance in recent years, let alone a threat to the iPhone’s king.

the G3 will carry 13 million pixels in the rear camera and 2.1 million pixels front-facing camera. LG also comply with the current take wind, joined the gesture recognition function, when the user set the camera pose gestures, G3 can close to the user to take.

tomorrow is G3 release day, for more details, please look the conference interpretation in detail.

hunting cloud network integrated many technology media reports, get the following information about this phone:

first, LG G3 would be released tomorrow, there are golden appearance to choose from;

second, allegedly LG official has confirmed that LG G3 will be equipped with 2 k (2560 x 1440) screen;

third, LG G3 will for the first time using LG their research and development, by TSMC OEM mobile phone application processor (AP).