Li why like enterprise software? Because of cloud services and big data

at recent baidu union summit, li put forward two trends, one is the enterprise software market in China, the other is big data and intelligent hardware. Li said this is BAT not involved in the two areas, but the author thinks that it’s just a smoke bomb. Baidu has a large number of enterprise customers resources, based on the technology of baidu cloud and baidu into O2O strategy and traditional industry, enterprise software will almost certainly is baidu next attack area.

the enterprise software market size

“enterprise software” refers to the software support enterprise information demand. Typically have a enterprise office software, enterprise application system (CRM, ERP, BSS, BOSS), enterprise antivirus and firewall, VPN client, invoicing system, customer service system, reimbursement system, attendance system, billing system, and so on. Early enterprise software is a client is given priority to, supplemented the client is now a WEB application, some large companies have mobile App.

the number of market players. Overseas IT giants like IBM, SAP, accenture is already in China, their customers are mainly financial, communications, energy and other key industries of large enterprises. And domestic enterprise software providers have several patterns: help companies develop software outsourcing company, sell is developing and maintaining the human, such as soft, neusoft and wave; Is a software as a service, software provided to enterprises standardization, yearly fee, kingdee, ufida belongs to this column. In operator, electronic commerce, service industry and other industries, and a lot of vertical enterprise software companies, they eat the long tail market.

at the beginning of Gartner predict enterprise software market scale in 2014 from $300 billion to $300 billion in 2013. At present China’s software industry market scale only accounted for 1.27% of the world’s market, the enterprise information is relatively backward means enormous room for growth.

enterprise software four big trends: the cloud, social, mobile and open

enterprise software haven’t changed much since birth, the lack of “thinking” the Internet, do well tend to be its own development ability of the company, such as the Internet giants. Some new enterprises have been trying to change, but also left many detours. This is I saw a few significant trend:

1, the cloud. Cloud computing is born for enterprise informatization, cloud computing through leasing way to reduce the local deployment and operational cost. A trend is that the enterprise software itself in a cloud service. Companies are no longer looking for outsourcing companies to develop a set of system, but by assembling third-party enterprise software cloud meet business needs.

2, mobile. Daily management, such as batch order, see the official document, salary, etc., can be very good on the mobile end bearing. Especially some field post enterprise, mobile information demand stronger, innovation opportunity is very big also. Jingdong, along abundant express have to logistics, trading, payment, these steps by mobile POS system through the business, some of the government affairs service software are using mobile devices such as urban management police, etc. App market has already corresponding enterprise application zone, will the future of enterprise software and intelligent watches, wearable devices combined closely with the new hardware, such as depth, mobile terminal together.

3, socialization. In the traditional enterprise software, “people” is not a consideration factor. Future employee’s social attributes will be coupled with the business system, communication, social networking, collaboration, and even the inspection, will be completed on a platform. Md momentum of social collaboration software is just confirms the trend.

4, and openness. Enterprise software open interfaces to support internal and external through into the trend. The past enterprise between the domestic and foreign software, data sharing, docking process is not smooth, big data such emerging things is far beyond reach. Food industry internally with invoicing system, for example, have the take-away, group purchase, WeChat new channels, such as the two-way channel to be just.

baidu into enterprise software: the basis of cloud and big data

Internet giant development to a certain extent, can think from the to C to B. Microsoft, Google, dell had to enter the enterprise software market, IBM is now focus on enterprise cloud services and hardware and software on the market. The domestic Internet giant ali in addition to the establishment of corresponding enterprise software market, also introduce the software of the soft companies such as ali cloud; And the launch of tencent already RTX, enterprise E-mail, QQ, and other products, with the third party WeChat developers struggle has become increasingly fierce.

baidu will sit? Don’t. Baidu has no enterprise software, looks into the new domain, but baidu has a certain foundation.

first, baidu has more than 400000 corporate clients and mature enterprise marketing system.

second, baidu cloud technology accumulation. Cloud service, socialization of enterprise software, open and mobile trend of reliance on cloud will be more and more strong, enterprise software which need to use of the resources of the cloud, also need to be connected to the Internet through the cloud. Baidu cloud computing, storage, LBS, voice, image, such as ability, more than 180000 registered developers, baidu also has Asia’s largest data center. The future of the enterprise software need to cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud cloud services such as bandwidth, CDN, LBS, baidu cloud can be satisfied. There have been many enterprise software service providers to deploy applications in baidu cloud, such as software will focus on small and medium-sized enterprise informationization. Besides cloud ability on baidu, baidu user base and awareness is also important to enterprise software developers.

again, baidu big strategy needs to have more data. Search engine’s mission is to include as many valuable data, especially the enterprises owned by the structured data. In the enlightenment, the enterprise want to accumulate over a long period of data values can be excavated, will it to a professional company for ordinary enterprises is a reasonable choice. After baidu has successively with the food and drug administration, bureau of meteorology departments such as access to data, this year also launched big data engine and cooperate with many authoritative institutions, including national transportation planning department and the centers for disease control. Union summit also makes it clear that the li “new data value and desire,” enterprise business data is not yet discovered “the new data” and “data of gold”. If baidu pioneering enterprise in the market, its big data pool inside once again will enrich a lot.

in the end, baidu embrace the traditional software industry in urgent need of transformation when the latter. Baidu has modified publishing, tourism, manufacturing, real estate, O2O etc, to complete the Internet operation must help the traditional industry transformation of enterprise software and connect to the Internet. Robin li, for example, Qingdao air the whole selling tickets now where the subcontract is doing. “A lot of places have this problem. Ticket, hotel, restaurants, karaoke, export investment spending, the operating effect is very very low. Use software to improve the effect is great opportunity in the next five years.”

enterprise software very big very confused, is the heaviest field in the software business. Baidu should be a single point of breakthrough choice easier Internet domain. There are several ways:

l based on the distribution system of enterprise application market;

l for enterprise software specialized cloud services, like cloud Dulife intelligent health equipment;

l provide enterprises with large data storage, software and services, baidu is big data engine prototype;

l into O2O business related enterprise software market;

l buy some enterprise software company.

speculation is only speculation, regardless of whether baidu will directly into the enterprise software market, the traditional enterprise software giant is Internet reform is inevitable, the cross area of Internet and enterprise software there will always be new giants. The Internet is all penetrated into every field transform traditional industries, including IT.

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