Linkedin CEO about retaining talents of the three key factors

author: Jeff Weiner (Jeff Weiner), chief executive of Linkedin. (this article was originally published in LinkedIn)

usually, when you are the best people to come to you discuss departure, again want to keep them often it is too late, be sure to remember this. These employees have come to the conclusion that the “it’s about time for me to leave”, and has repeatedly to see (or had) that they don’t want to work in your company. To ask for leave, want to keep them again has been difficult to such days.

why once they departure, is very difficult to persuade them to come to their senses would be? One reason is that they may not be willing to reveal the real leaving reason. At least in the high-tech industry. In general, the high tech world is a small circle, everyone bowed their heads and not looked up to see, why tell an uncomfortable truth to break their posterior? So they don’t want to tell you the real leaving reason, that is understandable. If you are not one of them is what all don’t know the real reason for leaving, natural is difficult to persuade them to stay.

in addition, if you have talented people want to move to another company, they tend to have a “this mountain looked at the mountain high” state of mind. Because they know what’s working in your company – whether it’s either good or bad – but they contact with another company that may be so far is that company hiring managers and recruiters in please they eat drink, these people of course only speak well of their company.

in the end, some time some say not clear why they want to jump ship. They could suddenly to the inspiration, feel that it is time to move, or intuition tells them that job-hopping is now a wise move. In general, it is also difficult, because even if you want to refute the idea, the idea of what they actually have no shape.

so, do you need before talents decided to leave the company, the work of improving “retain talent”. Rather than wait until after they tell you to get started. In some cases, you may successfully give up the idea of someone wants to leave (do have such a situation. I’ve seen someone already accept an offer, other companies or to stay at the original company), but this is the exception, not the norm. If you rely on your powers of persuasion to work, hope after people leave the decision to persuade them to stay, then you are more likely to lose talented people rather than to keep them.

how to avoid this situation? My experience is, before someone told you to leave, you need to do a good job of the three. These three work is: give employees supervisor arrangement, understand the employee’s career development path, recognise their grades.

employees assigned mentor

the tutor’s main role is to help employees determine what they ultimately want to do is, and make sure they have the ability to move forward on this path. Why the job in terms of retaining talent so important? Because of the ultimate goal of employees, the more you know, the more likely they are to in the process of the cooperation with them as soon as possible, to help them achieve this goal.

please keep in mind that even if you are someone’s boss, also won’t be able to become their mentor. In fact, because you are a manager, employees may be reluctant to you instead admits their plans for the future, especially when the future plan has nothing to do with you). They also do not willing to disclose to you, why do they work in the team lacks a sense of achievement. You don’t know what’s in their mind thought, in this case will not rain Samuel, silk than ascend day also difficult.

so you don’t act as mentors, but to help employees find a suitable mentor. This means that you need according to your knowledge of employees – you to their strengths, short board, values, emotional understanding, mentor to suggest the most suitable candidate. Can mentor is someone in your company, can also come from outside the company, either way, they should be your primary supporters of the staff, can provide an objective opinion, let employees can draw lessons from the tutor’s experience, to make the right career choice.

understand the employee’s career development path

I’m one of the most frequently asked question is: “in order to successfully achieve my career goals, I want to do what matter?” Interns and graduates entering the workplace in particular like to ask this question. And my answer is simple: know what is your ultimate goal is to achieve. This answer sounds simple, but I already have many times to see some of the work for 5 years, 10 years, or even 15 years, they still can’t find the answer to this question. In general, this is largely due to their career is driven by immediate opportunities, and not their ultimate goal oriented. They sought to seize opportunities for promotion, a raise, and the latest most popular jobs, these people took to the road, chasing a title and money until many years later, found that these gains have not let them be happy.

if you want to avoid this kind of situation, you have the following three methods can be used:

1, know what they want to do is (from the skill and interest from two aspects to do optimization).

2, let them with the right people to stay in a (such as former mentor) mentioned in the article.

3, let them always have something new to learn.

as a manager, you can do the most important thing for the excellent talents, is to ensure that the right questions, encourage everyone to constructive dialogue, and try your best everything you can to help them, let them toward their ultimate goal on the road to realize the above three points.

approved employees achievement

every one of your colleagues, however, regardless of their status in the organization wants to gain recognition, and they also need to get approval. Human nature is so.

although the salary is an important component part of the “approval”. Recognition is more than just how much money so simple. Recognition can be in the form of a promotion, or praise them at staff meetings, or send a congratulations email, or on their shoulders. The key is you want to take time to get to know how to motivate the people, how you express their appreciation. The more you have to sincerely, the better.

please don’t take it for granted that your talents should be played so well, don’t assume they of course know that you appreciate them. If you think like this, finally you still need to express your appreciation of their, but it’s too late to say anything at that time. You need to constantly to their performance. So that you can not only keep the most precious talent, but also can inspire them to create the most excellent works of literature and art.