Litigation: behind the three pain points millet and regard century war

about copyright dispute lawsuit together saw millet and the hostility between the display of take in everything in a glance, this case also revealed the century war unfolds. Two armies in three big pain points.



the haidian court music miniaturization: millet box and so on stolen by the 10 cases of film and television works has a result, seventy percent of them were haidian court for millet box will be jointly and severally liable. Millet company respond, then, will the first-instance judgment with iCNTV future TV fact that communication and considerations, and the applicable law in deciding whether to appeal. Officials said in a statement later, millet, millet access video content legal compliance, iCNTV cooperation has been terminated and depending on the company license.

millet’s official response by the visual aspects of dissatisfaction, hunting cloud network editor jun as visual statement:

1, millet infringement facts clearly, court justice, Letv will according to the situation when necessary to the media announced details of the millet infringement of truth. At the same time, depending on the forensics also mastered the millet to enjoyed depending on more than 500 other films show evidence of infringement. As of today, we still found that there is a lot of joy miniaturization: the sole copyright content is being stolen millet sowing, the infringement has not stopped.

we reiterate: millet company piracy must immediately stop the infringement, apologize to Letv for compensation in accordance with the law. Le regard will also continue to tort lawsuit of millet, resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of their own, with the national copyright administration department with practical action to maintain the normal order of cultural market.

2, millet company as an influential in the industry, in respect of copyright, to become a model of industry. But, millet dare not face, trying to escape the legal responsibility, not only reflect on and apologize, instead of Letv and the relationship between partners and sow discord, smear infringed parties. Millet company such bad behaviour outrageous!

3, music and Internet TV broadcast licence of CCTV CNTV’s future TV cooperation has never been terminated. The future of television, so far still in normally for Letv production of hundreds of thousands of Internet TV terminal for broadcast control management and service. Letv, meanwhile, has the nation’s largest professional long video copyright libraries and global coverage, CDN network user experience is good, also with the zhejiang TV media and China Radio International guangdong party such as the Internet TV broadcast licence party carried out good cooperation, this also make Letv Internet TV terminals won the society wider attention and recognition.

music directly to millet is defined as: bad behaviour, outrageous. The smoke billowing from the page. A number of industry insiders in communication and hunting cloud network editor jun said, because in a market, and product layout and highly similar, joy and millet will open century war.

a, product crash

at present, the millet with mobile phones, TV, tablet. Depending on its have enjoyed depending on TV. Millet have happy TV launched a dogfight on price and performance, into a two sides of market strategy has been shown to outside. According to people familiar with the matter to the cloud network editor hunting jun, meizu dig Letv has indeed come from former executives, invest more in research and development of mobile phone. Letv brand smartphone out not too long, as for the tablet, believe Letv also has started the layout. Highly similar products, fierce collision,
Don’t play.
“A little bit the shadow of gome, suning war.” One industry source said.

2, layout is similar to

apparently, Letv and millet are the way of combining hard and soft. Early millet’s main strategy is to highlight the beautiful MIUI drive the millet hardware to software development, and regard is enjoyed networks of copyright company, from the content construction of subsoil. Millet began late attaches great importance to the construction content, thunder to buy the shares to a representative event, late Letv will also big software investment, case is high salary to engineer from other enterprises. The tandem, leakproof in each other, but after all is carrying the rolling force in a road head-on.

this means that will compete for resources.

3, goals

millet for future blueprint and the drawing of music as was also the same, the two ultimate goal wants to occupy the sitting room of a user, whether music box or millet box, also whether music depending on the TV or millet TV, for the intelligent terminal and content to capture user the train of thought of the sitting room is coincides with mine. Both racing to develop mobile intelligent products, hope that through more products and to fishing spinning a web.

finally want to say is, at present the visual and millet, there are financial group support, is a hindrance, even BAT, there is no strength, fighting with the traditional hardware giant layout too shallow. On the road, Letv and millet side by side has been very far, but destined to both friction constantly, war.