Long bond digital President xiang-dong zhang: “phone thinking” mode

xiang-dong zhang, in this paper, the author is long bond digital President authorized reprinted

just a line to the Internet, read much influence me a book, called: “the era of network value – user decision rules.”. After reading I just know, that is a 1999 McKinsey report.

today, the word “Internet thinking” is the same meaning, it is locate in “customer value”, in view of the thinking mode of traditional industries.

just stop there, however, I’m afraid is difficult to really understand the current industry trends. If the Internet thinking still standing in the PC Internet age, that this thinking has been left behind. We see a mobile phone in such a short time, rapidly beyond computers, became the nucleus of a big Internet terminals, mobile phone thinking mode to rethink the direction of industrial development, is each and every one of the new curriculum.

I use the following six definitions change, can be summed up in the phone mode of thinking.

life: from partial to full digital – atoms and bits of digital meet great

digital information from the beginning. The beginning of the Internet, people through PC, reading news, television and other traditional digital information. But the Internet is still limited to the space, it exists only in the computer desk, once to leave the computer, the digital world and the life of people to disconnect, only partial is digital life.

mobile phones make life full digital, mobile network exists in time and space at the same time, it’s in the bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom, jogging road, commute on the way, even when you go to sleep. Digital information from graphic video also this information to the geographical position, temperature, humidity, environmental monitoring, etc. All information spread. Every atom in the digital, each atom carries information.

you may say this: is not a digital link, is innovation.

channels: from centralized to decentralized – runaway free online world

at the beginning of the Internet, people need inlet concentration, the portal of the search and entry controls most of the flow, all services are be together via a limited information channel, tree structure to guide endings.

mobile Internet phase, the traffic dispersion and not controllable, division of social networking, finer APP, users’ behavior of random and unpredictable, channels freely crisscross each other, woven into the multi-dimensional complex networks, information channel has become disorderly and out of control.

information: from single to stereo – online world and the real gradually into the mapping relationship between

computer the Internet age, information is a thin, simple.

changes brought by the mobile Internet, it is the requirement of information comprehensive, closer to the truth. The real requirement is comprehensive, multidimensional, instant. For example: computer Internet phase, we retrieve a restaurant, mainly to provide the address, this is the information of death. Mobile phone users and thinking mode, the need is: address + navigation + + latest evaluation of today’s traffic.

value: from group users value to individual users value – each one corresponds to a information network

PC Internet business model, more is based on the huge traffic for groups of users, for users group. Digital scale at the same time, the limitation of data collection and analysis ability, the user can only exist in groups. A single user face is blurred, or closer to the traditional media, ethnic group, scale concepts to analysis.

phone thinking mode, network is more and more understand the user’s individual, each individual is different, even very close to the individual, need is different, and the mobile Internet based on the understanding to the user, truly personalized service with the ability.

from guiding function to the contextual model oriented – super APP, little points of application based on the scene to provide services

original Internet product ideas, product ideas or PC stage, services are functional orientation: to “find”, “communication”, “image processing”, “reading”, “video playback”, etc.

phone mode of thinking, under the situation pattern design products. Take a taxi if street: position to consider, confirm, and contact. Video playback: model to consider the sitting room, the way to download, etc. And combined with the specific life scene, users can directly trigger.

interactions: from the natural interaction to natural interaction, and the boundaries of the virtual world is close to real life there is no

PC Internet thinking mode, is the mouse interaction, than the industrial age, of course, is much simpler, but it still is a natural way of interaction.

today, with mobile phone bring the first step to change a touch, a lot of people surprised by the children in the use of smart phone and PAD, than the big people learn fast. In fact, because touch is close to natural interaction, children don’t need to study, the adults used to computer operation, only need a turn back. The last two years, the search began to use voice interaction, this is a very significant trends in natural interaction, the interaction should be used more in line with the way of nature, voice, gestures, contact or non-contact body feeling…


the Internet is growing network. Without a “mobile phone thinking” thinking, the Internet is false Internet thinking. The new network access to the original “Internet”, together they constitute the new, upgraded version of the “Internet”.

the front, is our long-awaited, real intelligence era.