Look at the World Cup worry about traffic? NO, use the sohu video for free

in the previous report, zhang thinks that the world is the video business development opportunities. For now, although the manner of portal graphic reports is also very important, but the video multimedia elements is more intuitive, and the current network, mobile terminal has the basic conditions. Therefore, sohu this time put a large part of the investment in the video, makes every effort to seize market through diversified services.

at present, users in the use of mobile terminal to watch the video by many limitations, such as time, place, and flow rate, the maximum flow influence factors. Are to be highlighted, mainly in Brazil’s World Cup after midnight. Therefore, by phone at any time anywhere the relevant video on demand for the World Cup, is bound to be the most mainstream of Internet service during the World Cup. Sohu is sent to a punch, claimed for China telecom users to provide free traffic service.

today, sohu video with China telecom announced that during the 2014 World Cup (June 13 – July 31), China telecom mobile phone users by sohu video watching the World Cup, client will enjoy all the free traffic service. During the activity, by sohu video client video other than watching the World Cup will also enjoy free traffic service, in addition, in addition to sohu video client, the user through the sohu news client, mobile phone sohu network also enjoy watching the sohu video content free traffic service. This is the first time video website with carriers for the free flow of activities throughout the country.

is a bit similar, sohu video last year with China unicom monthly discharge of services. After the user to select exclusive flow package, can mobile browser or through all kinds of mobile client APP to watch the sohu video film and television content, at that time is 15 yuan a month. The difference is that the flow of that World Cup bigger discount, realize China telecom users without traffic charges.

traffic for free at the same time, also need high quality content to capture real users. During the World Cup, the user through the sohu video client, in addition to on-demand playback trivia, the 64 World Cup competitions and the goal will also see the sohu video blockbuster to build “the World Cup special report”, a famous beauty host Shen Xing, Leo, shang, lei-lei gao, and many other style star to join the program. From 13 June to July 14, at eight o ‘clock in the morning, in 32 days to realize the seamless live two hours of video every day, including “hello, World Cup”, “secret and great”/” crazy people first broadcast (cross), “the breakfast from the stars”, “star dialogue”/” when he was in a hurry “broadcast (cross),” event notice “and so on five big plate video program, to realize the seamless live two hours, will provide fans with distinctive World Cup video feast.

according to the relevant person in charge of China telecom, this activity across the country, China telecom’s new customers and enjoy meal new user can enjoy the World Cup free traffic service, and the opening, the user will receive at the same time China telecom issued by the opening of the SMS confirmation. In addition, the Shanghai area of telecom tech-oriented web users, as long as it is paid after the pure traffic billing, mobile users can enjoy the World Cup from traffic service. Guangdong region of telecom tech-oriented web users, edit text code KTSHSP (” open sohu video “initials) can be sent to the 10001 opening of the service. Tianjin, shaanxi, gansu provinces of telecom enjoyed package users, both default to open this service free of charge.