Loops, do dating community on strangers

distance now has three years, a strange dating about LBS on zhihu question asked: is it a good market, where is the biggest challenge? Momo Tang Yan founder of answer: 1, big market; 2, the biggest challenge is not to let the Internet commentators, and a group of entrepreneurial failure observe disturbed mind, want to remember all the time why want to do such a product! Now, devoted to devoted to August 12 years has raised $40 million to B. Really play a lot of see the faces of the failure.

look not to understand, not because they didn’t, but because they are too old, time too fast. But before that, people also need to face up to, and devoted to grow up with the stranger now what is the face of other products. Is alive or dead a hackney-coach. So, the market can only be a stranger stranger, the other is devoted in the field of other message.

more daredevil, based on the geographical position near the interactive dating circle can be regarded as a community. Founder of the team had previously worked in fresh fruit net. The team only 4 people, have more than 100 users. In a not afraid dead a little grandstanding. Finely, loops and Momo also have different. Loops have more emphasis on sharing, emphasizing the user previously mood, status, encouraging display presence (anonymous) by the mood of users to find the right person to chat dating. Care more about interaction. Momo group currently there is a message board and post bar, but the home page or more emphasis on the social attribute.

scholars, like death. “Circle” is the positioning of the LBS mobile community at first, based on geographic surrounding, let users everywhere can quickly check the surrounding life and cultural information. But its late information flow, basic has been customer mood, take pictures, “secret” type of social information, so the team also conveniently to a stranger is dating direction.

the circle near the front page will display of users “weibo/topic” a bunch of information flow. Can be seen as according to the geographical location, to community groups show the weibo/BBS/wall. Around there will be another application list, in order to stimulate the user’s activity and produce high quality of user-generated content.

in fact, in conversation, impressed me most is a circle group’s operating strategy. Worthy of entrepreneurs to learn. Team do community at the beginning, that they need to cultivate a large number of users, the seeds of so at first they avoid the fierce competition of IOS and AnZhuoDuan (IOS release, seed users in WP), but in the Windows Phone, because the competition is fierce, the early stage of the users are easy to obtain, and activity is good also, enthusiastic users also gave them a lot of feedback on the product. The seeds of early user training, they did.

and circle of users is quite strict rules, an account has been successfully reported three times, will be the permanent JinFeng. So in loops, communication atmosphere more thick, also won’t have too much words between the user and the user. If you use circles, relaxing social atmosphere or can feel.

in the end, on the other hand, social products must have a large number of users, so as to graft a viable business model. So, now talk about loops of commercial or too early. Loops of AnZhuoDuan in recent days will be officially launched (currently only testing phase). At present good products for more users heart, has not been good product itself decides. Because between each application, the user cost of migration will be more and more high. In a word, circle to develop, also need to run for a period of time.


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