Lying behind the apology: Mr Luo?

cloud network hunting note: Mr Luo’s hammer mobile jump ticket again, Mr Luo issued an apology letter fully explained the reason why a skip. So Mr Luo said reason really like his description, and a voice questioned Mr Luo lied, actually the truth? We expect to find out.

author: SuYi, and industry in the generation of labor the normal rate is 96-97%.

according to Mr Luo “good times a day out of hundreds of fine products, poor even at the time of the whole production line thoroughly stop for consolidation”, and “nissan 1800 department of normal”, by langfang foxconn OEM’s hammer mobile phone rate must be below 50%, even lower than 50%. If Mr Luo is true, this is a complete tragedy of cooperation.

so, Mr Luo said is true? Foxconn insiders to the author, said: “Mr Luo for foxconn production line, workers, quality control and other issues, has sparked discontent foxconn executives, as foxconn, apple iPhone and other international brands foundry, Mr Luo accused strange”.

but a meizu phone from is responsible for the quality control in the middle of the speech, said: “by the same foxconn foundry M8, M9 early products, due to the lack of quality control experience, meizu products early yield around 60%, only after the meizu qc personnel mass in factory for a long time, this problem is improved.


the person at the same time the company good from strict quality control process, skilled workers, advanced production line, and mobile phone manufacturer for experienced engineers in factory, but in fact, foxconn’s main energy is concentrated in the apple iPhone and other well-known manufacturers of big order production line, the hammer the 200000 small orders may not transfer the valuable skilled industrial workers, coupled with a hammer his lack of staff in factory, will happen “camera no glass” of the product.

Mr Luo VS foxconn, who chose to who?

so, Mr Luo refers to hammer mobile phone “there are two key components of yield is very low” really mean? Mr Luo and foxconn, who exactly is who chose again?

in fact, Mr Luo in the hammer mobile phone is almost all the industry using mature solutions and accessories, such as qualcomm Xiao dragon 801 processor, JDI 4.95 -inch display screen, SONY 12.78 million stack type camera. The reason is that vendors will not components to a whole new brands, and 200000 orders, to develop a new product alone.

from foxconn insiders, in February, namely the hammer mobile released three months ago, Mr Luo suddenly decided to the original plastic back cover, determined modified 2.5 D polishing glass back cover, because Mr Luo thinks such a plastic back cover on the market has been OPPO, VIVO, such as product use too much, a hammer mobile phone is difficult to sell 3000 yuan of above price. But the glass back cover the capacity and the hammer LOGO joint problems, so Mr Luo even own money to buy a laminating machine on foxconn langfang factory.

from the hammer disclosed information for mobile phone chain, hammer mobile in terms of large components do not encounter problems, because are all fair, one of the biggest problems may come from its appearance design, design companies in the United States with foxconn in hammer mobile phone of problems in the design of internal structure. Due to Mr Luo will be the two most critical design outsourcing, its personnel and lack of coordination and integration ability, caused in the later encountered many problems on the phone’s yield and production capacity.

Statement, by the

the above personnel actually includes a key point: Mr Luo would hammer mobile phone due to the internal structure design outsourcing to foxconn, which means it is unlikely to change the contract, and as a result of blame and anger foxconn langfang foxconn “almost”, transfer the contract to Beijing foxconn. Tragedy is that Beijing foxconn production ability, skilled workers is far from the langfang foxconn, hammer mobile phone production time will be extended to early October, this is Mr Luo said in weibo “to digest the existing orders at present, it will take a few months.”

old and hammer the risk of cell phone

as a WCDMA 3 g product, as the mass production time delay for months, Mr. Luo and hammer the management risk of the mobile phone is increasing rapidly:

1 , capital chain risk. as the product quantity in months of delay, give the hammer of cell phone users a refund rate will gradually increase, Mr Luo also announced that “to have to pay 300 yuan deposit and prepaid full customer refund” as far as possible, and give away 300 yuan worth of hammer technology online store coupons, hammer test future cash flow will increase gradually.

2 , to continue financing risk. in terms of capital, the hammer technology of about 3.6 million yuan of registered capital, Mr Luo as the first big shareholder invests 2.542 million yuan, Momo Tang Yan as the second largest shareholder invested 434000 yuan. Then hammer after A round of $70 million and B round financing 180 million yuan, A total of less than 300 million yuan. According to the hammer mobile phone book supply chain cost 1600 yuan, 200000 sets of single order calculation, investment will exceed 300 million yuan, Mr Luo must continue to finance. And the hammer of the present condition of the encounter, enough to make investors have submitted a refund, or to wait, the investor will also bring Mr Luo great pressure.

3 risk, product iteration. as mentioned, calculated according to the hammer mobile raised, Mr Luo 200000 m sales orders, such as finish hammer mobile phone the next generation of new products will be impossible, for the hammer users would really become “a one-time deal.

4 , marketing risk. if really forced to change Beijing foxconn contract, production cycle will be delayed until early October, Mr Luo mentioned “to digest the existing orders at present, it will take a few months.” Then, hammer mobile phone production time and information, September 4 g version of the big hit head-on apple iPhone 6 release, as well as mid-october trading market in China. How many hammer target users can continue to wait for a hammer 2-3 months time, or in a timely manner to purchase domestic iPhone 4 g version 6, choose actually not difficult.

comprehensive the above information, the hammer mobile phone at the beginning of the initial encounter shortages, climbing, roa low capacity, it is necessary to new cell phone experience. However, Mr Luo to think of this question is too simple, ignored the mobile phone is actually a traditional manufacturing industry, rather than to simply the reality of the Internet product, this is Mr Luo from “feelings” to the commercial price. In this sense, we are looking forward to Mr Luo can move beyond the current line, this has begun to hammer the domestic mobile phone brand to retain a future.

but the reality is that in the past ten days, may not be “hammer technology since its creation the hardest ten days”, Mr Luo the most difficult time, mobile phone and a hammer has only just begun.