Ma evergrande inside of the investment: fifteen minutes to ali will transform evergrande real estate

jack ma and Mr Xu go together!

alibaba and evergrande today jointly announced that the two sides reach an agreement, ali will pay 1.2 billion yuan to evergrande aspect, to buy a 50% stake in evergrande football club. This is the first time ali group, large investment of Internet business.

prior to that, Mr Ma had to negotiate with hangzhou greentown made. On May 16, greentown China suspended, then about ma purchase green city schools, hospitals and the news of the football was spread. At the same time, greentown boss Mr. Song then said in an interview, the two sides are negotiating, alibaba or will acquire a 49% stake in greentown football.

why Evergrande to guangzhou? Mr Ma, according to Partner the NO 1 is the strategic choice of ali.

about ma investment evergrande, what kind of story? Hunting cloud network can show you release the two bosses have said something.


suddenly jack ma, a year ago to get into football. Football has a lot of happy, after three months of ma began to inquire of my football. Evergrande ready to increase endowment spread from the development strategy, ma has come for me to talk about football the next day, 15 minutes we had finished completely, and decided to publish news tomorrow.

strategic increase endowment spread, is the first step on the introduction of investors. Future evergrande concept of development and business concept development, sustainable development is the important question, how sustainable is a problem of evergrande, the club’s next development, evergrande now worth $2.4 billion, the next step will be in 40%, the introduction of 20 outstanding investors, 2% each.

our cooperation is the beginning of the cooperation, maybe there will be more cooperation in other fields.

jack ma:

for ali, is to be able to participate in the improvement of the society. China real estate will have changed, after football need a spoiler, since we came to do something new. Ali is not do real estate, we will do better support Evergrande this property. We each other their development with the help of Internet technology.

12, accounted for 50%, I don’t think constant and China football far more than the money. The four years of efforts, more than the money. I took my gratitude to participate in the development. We are not football, we are happy in the investment, investment in Chinese football. China football struggle, I believe that happiness is the most important. Back to see the ball itself, hope this can bring the joy of evergrande football to everybody, through new media, the Internet, let more people love football, football out of the dilemma.

it is clear that Mr Ma and Mr Xu between words reveal a signal: alibaba investment Evergrande football is just the beginning of cooperation, alibaba will use the technology of the Internet to help the development of Evergrande better properties.

alibaba will act on China’s real estate market, wait and see!