Ma: trying to curry favor with the boss of the enterprise employees must not success!

a alibaba founder and executive chairman jack ma attended the softbank’s 2014 world congress, he talked about the company’s philosophy and the upcoming tide of consumers (C2B) of the enterprise strategy. Previous business model is business to business (B2B), or simply business-to-consumer (B2C) model. And Mr Ma argues that consumers will soon due to their needs dominate in the interaction with the enterprise.

masayoshi son, softbank’s empire in recent months has been in focus: startup investment of $20 million to the Philippines, released in June for home care humanoid Pepper, and once alibaba u.s.-listed success, softbank, would be the biggest beneficiaries.

jack ma business savvy revered, alibaba will soon be listed in the us, the amount is expected to more than $15 billion. In his speech, however, he was one of the main themes or by others, the enterprise in business career as a fool and rejected. The success of Mr. Ma still seems to be a good fortune. “People ask me what is successful, in fact, now I also don’t know.”

jack ma said that alibaba’s priority is always customer first, employees second, shareholders third. If an employee is always thinking of his or her boss happy, that the company will not succeed, employees have to make the customer happy. Likewise, the service problems and sharp competition from rival shouldn’t have let you worry, should put these problems as opportunities. Is the key to deal with quickly, make good use of these opportunities. “It’s no use just to have good ideas in my head. You must take action, and actively take the initiative to attack.” Ma stressed.

jack ma mentioned data technology (DT), which is based on big data technology, will allow the company to better meet the needs of customers. “We will see to C2B model in the industry, in other words, everything is in tended to customized service… The cost competition is no longer important, we must fought from the value level.” He explains. Consumer demand is much more clear than ever before. For Mr Ma, sold 10000 in same shirt it is better to sell 10000 pieces of different sizes of shirts. This has nothing to do with the marketing plan, it is through the data and logistics capability to meet individual needs of consumers.

although ma stressed that his speech is not to sell or alibaba’s business model, but he said confidently, alibaba concept of consumption supremacy and through technical problem solving skills can make the company’s revenue is higher than giants like wal-mart. In 2013, wal-mart revenues of $476 billion, far more than the $7.6 billion in alibaba. But ma still believe alibaba would become the first revenue topped $1 trillion. He said: “wal-mart need to employ millions of workers… And we don’t need to, we as long as the appropriate technology.”

jack ma to share his outlook on alibaba. Alibaba originally founded in 1999, if it can work at least 102, even across three centuries. For 87 years in the future to keep its prosperity and stability, companies need a very long-term goals and vision, can not be short of ups and downs on the economy. Ma target if you have any plan about it? He said: “I will not listen to the opinions of the investors, I will always pay close attention to the consumer.”