Made of amazon bezos: use the phone, I determined to give up the samsung

after its own brand of smart phones, amazon CEO Jeff bezos in today, revealed the purpose of the amazon makes mobile phones. Interestingly, when asked before, he use what brand of mobile phones, bezos replied without hesitation: “samsung”.

the New York times reporter asked: “you look like you have the amazon’s mobile phone production as their own devices. So before you use what brand of mobile phone?”

bezos openly replied: “samsung. However, when I use the Fire after the Phone, when turn back to use samsung mobile Phone, I’m still on amazon’s mobile Phone to provide ‘automatic scrolling without gestures such as control function. (so, I gave up the samsung, use up their cell phone.) “

actually samsung flagship device also add the function such as gesture (of course, the function is not big), bezos seems to mean, competitors’ products on the experience, do not as good as his.

interview, bezos also revealed the purpose of manufacturing cell phone – like the Kindle, amazon let amazon service running on all access to the user’s carrier.

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