Make persistent efforts, Nokia will also launch an Android machine Nokia X2

(editor: horse relief yi)

according to foreign media reports, science and technology has been acquired by Microsoft’s nokia mobile phone manufacturing sector, will be officially launched next week the other an Android mobile phone. Sources said that the device will be Nokia X’s successor, code-named Nokia X2.

so far, the general configuration about this phone is as follows: 4.3 inch screen, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 5 million pixels main camera, 1 gb of RAM. If the above message correctly, so this means that the X2 is going to be a hardware upgrade of X1.

, after the “power”, Microsoft into proper transition. In order to make their service running on more equipment, Microsoft “unexpectedly” allow its branch department of nokia mobile phone production carrying the Android version of the equipment of the system. Unfortunately, MOTOROLA Moto G, especially the launch of Moto E, may have put an end to Microsoft’s attempt to woo function machine user’s ambitions.

what the outcome, we also look at the next Tuesday the conference, Microsoft took much sincerity, use how much effort, once again challenge the Android.